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I finished The Blind Assassin today at lunch – in the end I quite enjoyed it, although I may have to go back for a bit of a re-read. Is it just me or do some of the final plot reveals come out of flaming nowhere? Most of it I was intrigued by, though. Oh, Margaret Atwood, you so crazeh. I think it is tied with The Woman in White for my favourite pick so far, and although I haven’t knitted anything to tie into either book it wasn’t for lack of ideas. Also, as a pair I think they are interesting glimpses into feminist critique of very different centuries. Brideshead Revisited was fine, but I don’t think the narrative style grabbed me quite so much. It lacked something…more like I was reading several short novels than one whole one.

The Joy Luck Club is up next for April, and would ya lookie there, I am ahead by almost a full week. And it is a good thing I am finishing something around here, because there’s a dire lack of knitting finishing. I’ve been felled by dreaded knitting injury.

(Ice pack on my elbow. Woe, woe is me…)

I’d like to say this past weekend was to blame (and it is true, I did quite a bit of knitting this weekend, trying desperately to finish things and make way for new projects), but in fact I think it is the cumulative result of 2 heavy knitting weekends in a row, without enough ease-up time. I felt the symptomatic stiffness last week, but stupidly ignored it. And alas, now my cruel world has been sans knitting for the past 48 hours. Woe. Is this what it’s like for the rest of the world, people who don’t knit? How can people live like this every day of their lives? I can’t even talk about it.

So, with any luck I’ll be able to get ye olde needles and yarn out again tomorrow night, as I am hoping to get out to the knitting night again and possibly cast on for Poppy. In the mean time, I suppose there are other things I can do besides knit, right? Par example…

(Mmm. MMMM.)


  1. Ah, poor Glenna! I hope your elbow feels better soon. I can totally relate – I have to limit my knitting time these days or I’m in a lot of pain.

    You’re in for a treat with the Joy Luck Club. Great book.

  2. Woohoo! I’m the first subscriber (at least through Bloglines). Love the new digs.

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