Welcome to the new blog! I’ve come over here to WordPress and have moved all of the content over from my Blogspot account, and even gussied up the place with a new header, courtesy of my lovely sister.

The knitting resumes! I still think I might have some residual stiffness, but my arms were recovered enough after nearly a week of not knitting (I made an exception for Wednesday night at Lettuce Knit). I decided that maybe some nice 5mm needles would be gentle enough to get back into things with, and finally, finally, finally cast on for Poppy:


In my visiting this weekend I spent some time with the parents and friends, including young 10-year-old E who was interested enough in the whole knitting thing to allow me to teach her for a bit this weekend. Here is her progress as of lunchtime today – 6-8 whole rows of garter stitch, which, I might add, included extremely even tension, no dropped stitches, and no invented increases. Also, she was already starting to use phrases like “I’ll just finish this row”, and had taken up knitting in the car.


However, somewhere along the way she started throwing her stitches clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, resulting in twisted stitches. She decided that she was happy doing this anyway, and as long as she did all her stitches the same, who the heck cares? I was inclined to agree at the time, since, hey, the girl is doing pretty well and was enjoying it, so who am I to beat the enthusiasm out of her by talking about technique. But, when she does move on to doing stockinette stitch and otehr things, I imagine it would be helpful to produce non-twisted stitches. Is there a way to un-twist twisted knit stitches on the purl side? From what little I know of combined knitting, i thought the twisting happens on the purl and the un-twisting happens on the knit, but this would be the opposite.

Anyhoo. Hoo-ray for new knitters!

I’m still trying to figure out some finer points of this blog, such as how the heck to use Flickr (is it even possible? i just get code…), but I’m sure all will be figured out in time. I hope your knitting week is a good one…


  1. Poppy is looking mighty fine!
    I love what you’ve done with the new place! That header is fabulous.
    Welcome new little Knitter, E!
    I’m glad your feeling better.

  2. Love the new look.
    Congratulations on bringing another knitter in to the fold 🙂

  3. Loving the new look – enjoy your new home!

    Poppy is looking really nice so far. I hadn’t realised it was going to be brown – great colour combination!

  4. When you try to add a flickr image, are you taking off the last few characters (after the .jpg or other image tag)? Flickr adds unneccessary characters to the image properties and it will mess up your code and the image won’t show up if you don’t take them out. Hope that helps.

  5. Rebecca · ·

    if she keeps throwing clockwise when she purls, it should result in untwisting the stitches. because the only stitches that are twisted are the row where she switched the throwing direction, right?

    i think a friend of mine used to knit like that. she actually didn’t realize she was knitting “incorrectly” until she saw someone else.

  6. Glad to hear you are back knitting and making fine progress. Great header to the blog. Very smart.

  7. E is in some sort of knitting trance. Today she took her knitting to school, but forgot her books and her lunch (which included leftover taco kit!) I fear we may have lost her!

  8. I knit the same way as she does. The knit stitches get a little twisty, but then I wrap the “wrong” way (actually, I’m ‘picking’ the yarn with the working needle, as I hold the working yarn in the left hand) on the purl side, and everything seems to come out fine in the end. Of course, I spent years thinking “I should NEVER knit up anything ‘important’ because it’ll probably unravel because I am knitting WRONG!” but I got over it. I think there’s something in “Knitting in the Old Way” about the various ways to wrap the yarn and still be doing something that resembles knitting.

  9. i was just cruising by because i just remembered that i had forgotton to post a pic of your completed EBTKS and, lo and behold, you’re knitting Poppy!!

    okay. i will get caught up on posting pics shortly… (accidentally posted on the post below. you might want to delete that.)

  10. How could I not recognise E the first time through. She must be just a twisted child. Anyway, she for sure follows her own drummer.

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