Nothing is more important to you right now…

…than looking at these photos of adorable chidren:

(Laura with Aven‘s wee guy)

He gets very excited about all the yarn, and expresses his appreciation for knitters through happy wailing.


(Elizabeth with Emily’s wee gal)



She expresses her love of yarn by cutely sticking her fingers in her mouth and watching your every move with a hint of a smile on her face.

I took these pics last week but needed to make sure I had permission from both the mamas to post. And look at me, I went to knit night last night too – a whole two weeks in a row, someone stop the presses! I am going to try to keep going because I like seeing everyone’s knitting and all the yarn and needles (for some reason I never buy on a Wednesday, though – i talk myself out of it and then go back on Friday, heh). But I always feel like I don’t know what to contribute to the conversation. I don’t have kids or a spouse, and talking about my dissertation makes me want to twitch and break out into hives. So mostly I sit and try not to say anything very stupid. Baby steps.

(Poppy progress – 2/3 of a front and the beginning of a sleeve)


And it would just go figure that when I finally do finish the springtime-y perfect-for-April-in-Project-Spectrum socks, we get snow overnight. Ah well, I will prefer to think of it as, “more time in which I can wear the handknitted socks and sweaters I finally finished.” Yes.

(Basic socks in Austermann Step, colour #10 melba, 2.75mm DPNs – please pay no attention to the unwoven ends and ungrafted toes)


This weekend, I predict lots of chocolate-eating, knitting on Poppy, and possibly casting on for something new depending on how the arms and wrists hold up. Happy knitting!


  1. Is the Austermann Step as nice as I’ve heard it is? Is it different knitting with it than just fondling it? (Not that I would fondle yarn, of course)

  2. Hee! I love that picture.

    I know what you mean about topics of conversation at LK, actually. I went for a year before I got pregnant, and really only had school to talk about — and didn’t particularly want to, much of the time! But I found that after a while I got comfortable with just babbling about whatever petty things were occupying my thoughts right now, and other times just listening to other people’s stories. I actually found it refreshing to hear other people talking about lives that were very different from my own — so often, especially in grad school, we end up around alot of people much like ourselves. Mark never believed me when I said that I was often quite quiet at SnB — since I never am elsewhere — but it was true. And pleasant!

  3. Glenna, I can’t possibly thank you enough for the juicy baby photos, first thing in the morning? heavenly. They’re beautiful babies!
    I’m really thrilled for you, going 2 weeks in a row, they sound like a great knitterly group, I understand those baby steps and I hope you keep going.
    You might not believe it but…..after having, what, 2 weeks of temps in the 70sF, it snowed in north Tulsa, northern OK, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas last night and they’re predicting 20sF for lows tonight and tomorrow night! gonna have to haul the plants back in for a couple of days…..actually, OK has wacky weather and it’s been known to happen, that snow in April!

  4. And….I love those socks!

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