The knitting still lives

I’m sure eventually I’ll join the ranks of people complaining about what a cold spring we’ve been having so far, but at the moment I’m doin’ just fine. Summers in southern Ontario can border on sauna-like, and I’m in no hurry to experience that. Besides, it lengthens my sweater-wearing time. 😉

After several days off of knitting I tried Rebecca’s advice of knitting in short 30-minute sessions, and this seems to be doing just fine. In fact, I was able to finish those last couple of inches on the Poppy body as well as the first sleeve.

April16 010b

The second sleeve is what will accompany me on my trip tomorrow, on the off-chance that I can continue doing enough short knitting sessions to make some progress on that, too. My backup will be a couple of balls of Highland Silk, which has been in my stash for months. Finally I’m in striking distance of casting on with it.

You know what’s a fun non-knitting activity? Getting rid of stuff you don’t use.

April16 001b

All of this and a bit more left my apartment on Friday afternoon thanks to my dad who took it all off to the church yard sale back home. Maybe someone else will enjoy the books I’ve already read and the kitchen doodads I don’t use. And as my friend B reminded me, this does allow more room for yarn. (Or at least, more breathing room for the yarn. Because I’m trying to watch the stash, yesiree.)

So, I’ve got my guidebook, got plans to visit a couple of yarny places on Saturday (surely lots of time to build up my willpower), got my bag of leftover Easter candy for the airplane, got most of my suitcase packed…Oh yeah, I just need to finish writing the presentation I’m giving. I knew there was something else to do today… 😉


  1. I hope you have a great trip! Look after that elbow of yours, and good luck on the presentation.

  2. Here’s to a great trip and a great presentation!
    I tend to do that ‘short time’ knitting, about the longest I’ll knit is 45 minutes then I’m up doing something else for a short while..then back to another session of knitting…it has a whole lot to do with my ADD but now I’m wondering about the whole thing, see, I’ve never had any troubles with the aches I hear about….yay ADD???

  3. I hope you have a fantastic trip, and get a good yarn crawl in.

  4. Take care, Glenna!

    I still think you should work through the pain. Maybe ease off slightly, but don’t stop. Voice of experience here (and a bit of medical knowledge)….

    In the end, you should do as your body says, cheesy as it might sound.

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