Monthly Archives: May 2007

Me in 5 questions

Heather asked for pictures of the kilt hose, and I shall obey: I am in the process of turning the heel on stocking #2. I would be past the heel turn if I hadn’t done that thing I sometimes do which is to get to the end of the heel flap, completely forget the heel-turning […]

Book Review: Runway Knits

Runway Knits by Berta Karapetyan is a gorgeous book with gorgeous patterns in it. However, there are two important things a knitter should know before reading it: 1. None of the patterns are sized above a 42″ bust, and in many cases stop at a 40″ bust (for the finished garment, not for the body […]

Oh, Knitpicks.

I will say that I do enjoy KnitPicks yarns. Sometimes, though, I really don’t like KnitPicks. There are times when it seems like they are trying so hard to follow the trends that they completely miss the mark. As for example – my inbox told me a couple of days ago that KnitPicks encourages us […]

“We should be feared…”

…quoth the Yarn Harlot last night in Toronto. It was a good time for sure – I would estimate around 350 people came out, and Indigo was nice enough to set out at least 100 chairs for us. So considerate 😉 I will say that my sister M took way more photos than me, and […]

Like a little sandal-sized hug

These:   Are going to help me wear these:   Every spring I go through the same song and dance when sandals weather comes around. I rotate through the 5 or 6 pairs of sandals in my closet (all of which are comfort sandals, mind you, no high heels or flashy beach sandals or nothin’), […]

Thesis before Knitting

I’m on to the 2nd of my kilt hose stockings, but I’m going to try to hold myself off from taking a photo until I’m finished both of them – I guess this is my way of trying to stave off Second Sock Syndrome 😉 But, I realized I never showed a Finished Object photo […]

Me in 8 Random Facts

Fiona tagged me on that “Random Facts” meme that’s been going around – and I was mildly gleeful, I admit, because I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged on a meme before. Lucky me! And lucky you, now you get to read some random trivia about me, me me! 1. I’m a very fannish person […]

Wraparound Jacket

Quite possibly the Fastest Knit in the West: Yup, it’s pretty darned big. Something like 7 inches of ease, I think? But you know, I almost don’t even care what it looks like. I used up some of the guiltiest part of my stash. Pattern: “Wraparound Jacket” cardigan from Classic Knits, by Erika Knight Cast […]

Forward motion

The Kilt Hose have made a bit of progress: I’ve been trying to get a little bit of time in on all of my projects the past few days, and hope to do the same on the weekend. It’s a 3-day weekend (which always sneaks up on me this time of year), so hopefully a […]

Just add water

That’s what my sister’s been calling this wraparound jacket – it’s virtually an ‘insta-sweater’. I’ve been knitting it for only a week and am just one front piece away from being able to start seaming: It’s been so long since I’ve knitted on 10mm needles that I’d forgotten how fast they really are. Lickety split. […]