Final Stages


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(I had to answer these questions a lot this past weekend – well, mostly the first two. I’m kind of wondering how I didn’t dissolve into anxious tears after about the 10th time.) So anyhow, today I think I’ll try to do enough of something that I don’t feel guilty about going to Lettuce Knit tonight. I haven’t been in a while, and yanno, I think I kind of miss it. 😉

In other news, my sister finished a really awesome sweater, and she said she’ll let me tell you the whole story about it once there are some final final FO pics. (Well, it’s maybe not that awesome a story. But in it my knitting obsession and TV-fannishness are combined, so I call that a win.)

Happy Wednesday, may your knitting not be far from you…


  1. Lady O · ·

    Those are evil questions to ask! And deserve clever snappy answers that let the asker know just how evil.

    You Knit girl! There are only so many hours a day we can be expected to work, and knitting time is important decompression!

    Yeah!! Go fandom and knitting!! *scampers off to look*

  2. I hear ya. I’ve taken to hiding in my office to avoid the “oh, are you still here?” type of questions in my department! I just think that people (especially family members who haven’t gone to grad school) just don’t understand that it isn’t over at a set date at the end of term. It’s done when it’s done damn it!

  3. Rebecca · ·

    after asking those questions, i think you deserve a night of knitting. also, a shot of tequila 😉

  4. you need a break if you’ve been all consumed by your thesis- your brain will thank you!!!!

  5. If it’ll make you any less anxious, Ken’s boss gave him a box of After Eights (those thin mint chocolates) when he finally defended his PhD, because he defended it nearly EXACTLY eight years after beginning.
    And on Question #3? Writing’s not hard at all. It’s the thinking up what to write, and then typing it up that’ll kill you.

  6. Speaking of your thesis, when is it going to be done? What are you going to do when it’s finished?

    *runs away*

  7. Couldn’t help but de-lurk here because as a fellow doctoral student (I’m getting a DMA in Collaborative Piano) I SO know what you’re talking about. Answering those questions is worse than when you tell people what subject you study and they say “Now, what IS that, exactly?” I just use my kid as my excuse, but it. gets. old. let me tell you!
    Good luck with everything.

  8. So……regarding Knitnight….did you hear what the Big Pink Thing Harlot’s been knitting on? Have you been sworn to secrecy? heh.
    The Brennan sweater? how cool is that!

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