I went with my sister M and my friend R (visiting from NYC), to Lettuce Knit last night, where the No Sheep For You launch party took place. M had never been with me to LK before but was interested in the book, and R had been to LK on past Toronto visits and was most definitely going again. (I think the most surprising thing I heard all evening was when she said that, despite all the NYC yarn shops, there isn’t this same kind of knitting community in NYC as you find at Lettuce Knit in Toronto. Dude, colour me proud of Toronto knitters.)


M and R are not weighed down by the stupid almost interminable shyness that I have had at going to Lettuce Knit knit nights. They just smile, chat happily with people, and buy stuff. I do not know why I couldn’t have just gotten up to that speed on my first go. I do not know why it took me about 8 visits to finally realize that, oh wait, none of these people will eat me alive and there is no hidden social hierarchy and there are no real rules other than “thou shalt knit” and it’s all fine. Really, it’s fine. I wonder why I couldn’t have realized all this before. (I dearly hope people don’t mistake my quiet restraint for disinterest. ::fidgets::)

Anyhoo, it was quite a fun night. We knitted, Amy gave away freebies like No Sheep buttons, and then drew tickets for door prizes. Hoo boy, that was some carefully orchestrated mayhem. I feel the need to point out that my sister, attending LK for the first time ever, scored an early draw and walked off (unknowingly) with a wound skein of Handmaiden Seasilk. (I got a book and it was great too, but still. MAN. Handmaiden. She is so damn lucky.) There were also chocolate cupcakes. And some beverages. And then when I came home I put my feet up and watched my videotaped crap television (still ‘Bones’) before bed, so all in all a good evening. I managed to restrain myself and not buy any yarn – they had a new supply of Euroflax Linen and I could have easily snatched some up, but I will try to finish the things on my needles right now and hopefully by that time there will still be some linen left. Hopefully!

Also, hooray for a Toronto Yarn Harlot event! Yay! I have friends in cities all over who have gotten to go to one of these, so i’m so excited I get to go to one too, now, May 25th at Bay&Bloor Indigo. There has been speculation of the Brennan Cardigan making an appearance, so maybe M can wear it and I can get off my bum and get the pattern written up and posted by then, too. (Now, if only I can remember what all of my design instructions were…) Maybe the weather will cooperate and cool down enough for me to wear an actual knitted sweater, too…my warm-weather handknits are sadly very few.

Happy Thursday! I am sending good thoughts to my hometown where a friend is having surgery today. Hopefully recovery will go well.


  1. I was sad to miss the book launch, but my husband just left for a conference and my mother-in-law’s arrived to help take care of the baby, so I couldn’t go. I’m going to try really hard to make the Yarn Harlot launch, though — but I’ll be getting back from my own conference (in Nfld!) with baby in tow the day before, so who knows what state we’ll be in.

    Sounds like a good night, though!

  2. Glenna dear, your last couple of posts have given me a bit of a headache. So much deep stuff and activity going on knitting-wise, you lucky gel! Great info about knitting in Canada (you know, my grandfather was born in Ottawa, so I have this thing about Canada….)

  3. I think you were sitting behind me on the steps! Silly me, I didn’t recognize you… It was nice to be there wasn’t it?! I must get off my silly bum and go more often.

  4. Dude! Someday I have to arrange to be around on a Wednesday night!!

    But I can’t wait for 25th, yeah, my first knitting event! I promise to be shy and reserved and while getting the lay of the land – even if there isn’t one. And I’m so looking forward to seeing the Bennan Cardi.

  5. Sending healing thoughts to your friend, hope all is going well in the recovery.

    Isn’t that just the way….Toronto being Stephanie’s home and this being the first knitterly event for her there….and from the sounds of it, if you keep going to the Wednesday night knitting….you can hang with her…but it all brings to mind the little story of the cobbler’s children having no shoes……
    Yes, a grand evening it sounds to me, a great book…and I’m so with you on M winning the Handmaiden Seasilk! damned lucky!
    I hope Brennan makes it to the launch, and I’m terribly envious you know, it will be all sorts of good times being made!
    We don’t have that great of degree of knitting community here either, so proud you should be (although to tell the truth this town wouldn’t be good for measuring your standard to).

  6. ::waves::

    Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I have to agree. It was a fabulous party on a a spectacular evening. Not to mention that the give-a-ways were pretty amazing. (That’s our Amy!!) And I’m also jealous of your friend walking away with the Handmaiden. She is very lucky! đŸ˜‰

  7. Too true that Lettuce Knit offers a unique and wonderful experience! I am just getting to know it a bit better and am starting to be unable to pass up a chance to go, much to my credit cards happiness/horror!

    The people make the place though, really and truly!

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