“We should be feared…”

…quoth the Yarn Harlot last night in Toronto. It was a good time for sure – I would estimate around 350 people came out, and Indigo was nice enough to set out at least 100 chairs for us. So considerate 😉

I will say that my sister M took way more photos than me, and her videoclip of the applause upon Yarn Harlot entrance (which was awesome and a sight/sound to behold) did actually work, so she’ll have that up too. Check out her blog for more pics. Here is my meagre offering:

We got there around 6pm for the 7pm signing – me, sis, mom and dad, and our friend K. This was a good thing, because there was already a lineup to wait for the chairs which at that point were being set up. I would imagine that had we even arrived 10 minutes later, we would not have been in the group that got to sit down. (Dad however, didn’t want to sit with the knitters and take away a seat, he went and browsed and ended up standing somewhere on the upper level during the whole thing.) So we had a solid hour of line-waiting, knitting, sitting, chatting, photo-taking, etc. I’d estimate at least 2/3 of the knitters there were working on socks, too, which was pretty cool. I had my kilt hose. (Also, mom pointed out that the age demographic in the room was really broad. So true.)


(Edit: That’s Em there in sock discussion, and Jennifer there at the end of our row – Yay, new blogging pals!)


M wore the Brennan Cardigan and I was flattered that several people admired it. I have GOT to finish writing up the pattern and post it.


A little after 7pm, a cheer gradually bubbled up and Stephanie was about to be introduced. The applause was huge. By this point, people were filled in all around the chairs, the entire stairwell, up in the upper level surrounding the stairwell. Yeah, I’m not sure what the Indigo staff thought. I wish I’d taken pictures of their expressions during the event, it was kind of awesome. They looked vaguely like they weren’t sure what was going on but that maybe they were wondering if they missed the memo on something they were supposed to be in the know about.

There were a lot of us.


See that stairway and railing area up in back? yeah, that was all totally full.




The staff guy introduced Stephanie in what I am sure is the usual store manner, explaining her personal history and writing exploits and knitting triumphs like Doctors Without borders and I kept thinking, “DUDE, 99% of the people here know all of this already!” Maybe he was doing it to educate the store patrons who weren’t in the know. Heh.

She said we were freaking her out with all the applause, and reiterated what she’d posted on her blog that day, about her nervousness that if she messed up it wasn’t, “I’ll never see them again,” it was, “i’ll never see them again until next Wednesday.”


Stephanie spoke for about an hour and was, as per all reports, funny, charming, intelligent, and the pride of knttters the world over. She spoke particularly about the effects of “CHOKE” (Cultural Humiliation of Knitters Everywhere) and elicited huge laughter – the sort of laughter that comes from true and deep understanding about what stash is and why we are all addicted to knitting.


I got my book signed and she was lovely to say that it was nice to meet me, and I said that it was extremely nice to meet her. I commented that we were debating whether or not it would be all right to read the book in the bathtub once it had been signed, and she commented that, given that some people a) own her books and don’t read them nearly as furiously as most knitters, and b) don’t know who she is, that yes, she was sure it was more than all right to read in the tub. I support this comment.

Here, I’ll leave you with one last adorable shot of Aven and her hubby and wee guy, who was enthralled by the shiny rope pedestals in the signing lineup:


Also, I wave hello to my friend Karen who I hadn’t seen in years and saw last night at the signing – who knew we were both knitters? Knitters are the best ever.

I regret that I wasn’t able to get to the Afterparty last night (K had all kinds of stuff to schlep back to our place, and my socklet-comforted-yet-blistery-feet were weary – I’m ashamed to admit that even at home I was nodding off into my kilt hose by 11pm), and that we won’t be able to get to the yarn crawl today (M and I will be home for mom’s birthday party dinner), but since June 9th is coming up with the TTC Knitalong for Knit-in-Public day, I think I’ll do well with that trip.

Have a great knitting weekend!


  1. Wow, I didn’t know there were so many knitters in the world, let alone in Toronto! I find myself feeling a bit wistful and wishing I could have been there and heard that applause. I think it would be nice to be with such a huge room full of people who all share a passion for knitting.

  2. Don’t you love how it truly shocks and surprises the muggles?
    The photos are fab and what a wonderfully great time was had by all! Did you Dad listen to Stephanie’s talk? heh.
    Your kilt hose are gorgeous, btw, and that wrap around sweater? You will be wearing that all snug come next winter.
    Brennan, …..Glenna, that is one beautiful cardi!

    The little cardi that Harlot is wearing? is that the one she was knitting on just a few days ago?

  3. Looks like such a good time! Thanks for sharing! Maybe someday we’ll be able to entice her to speak in Southern California. It’s more likely that I’ll have to travel to wherever she’s speaking. I’m sure it wouuld be worth it!

  4. Sounds like a good time. It’s about time there was a signing in Toronto!

    She’ll be here this coming Wednesday. WEBS has rented a theatre with a cash bar for the event. *laugh*

  5. Hi again! It was great to meet you and your family at the launch! I was the one on the end beside your Mom, admiring and feeling up the sock you were making! Thanks for sharing. I am totally making up some toe less bands for sandals…great stuff!

    Was a good time had by all. The after party and yarn crawl the following day were a riot as well. Stephanie and Rachel put on a good event! I am looking forward to following you blog a bit more!

    All the best!

  6. It was a good time, wasn’t it! Thanks for the picture!

  7. Wow, I got a shout-out! yay! (/e waves back)

    It was great seeing you again too… many years now since University and it’s great to see what people have gotten up to.

    I meant to say the other night that I still had a sister who’s really active in GG’s. So active that she’s about to do a 4 month stint at Sangam House… and one of the skills on her application? “knitting (including teaching the basics)”

  8. Hi there! It was really neat meeting you in line (I’m the one ogling the sock in the first photo up there!), and seeing So Very Many Knitters, all in a single place. I’ve been a very solitary knitter up to now, but after the fun I had on Friday I’m definitely going to come out to other knitterly things, so maybe I’ll see you around! Happy knitting!

  9. what a great time! to have all those knitters in one place!!!!

  10. Lady O · ·

    That was soo much fun. Some day I need to make it out to one of those fabled yarn shop gatherings, since other than knitting with you guys I am consigned to my own solitary knitting island. (making a knitting of my best friend is looking up – since half of my next knitpicks order is for her- but coming along slowly).

    I love the pic of M and I – the blur makes it look like I knit fast 😉

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