Monthly Archives: May 2007

Happy Mother’s Day!

My sister learned to knit from our mom, and I learned to knit from my sister (although I think there was that time that I tried to learn to knit for a Girl Guide badge when I was 9, which didn’t really take, I think mom must have taught me then), so I would expect […]


I went with my sister M and my friend R (visiting from NYC), to Lettuce Knit last night, where the No Sheep For You launch party took place. M had never been with me to LK before but was interested in the book, and R had been to LK on past Toronto visits and was […]

Working through the guilt

I’ve never not had a stash. The first two projects I ever knitted, a baby blanket for a friend and a fluffy novelty scarf for me, were knitted with yarn I found on sale at Lewiscraft. (This was when Lewiscraft was a) still in business and b) the place I thought you went to buy […]

The ‘Brennan Cardigan’

[Edited note, Dec 2013 – I’m no longer able to make this pattern available. Many thanks to those who have knitted and shown interest in it! I’ll be sure to keep bringing  my attention to new designs in the future 🙂 ] So, a couple of posts ago I mentioned how my sister had just […]

But it was only hard the first time

(Warning! A post chock full of photos and rambling.) As I’ve been working away on the Endpaper Mitts over the past few days – using them alternately as bait (to do work) or procrastination fodder (just a few more rows and then I’ll work), my train of thought was enjoying itself. “I love fair isle,” […]

Final Stages

(From the Card Catalog Generator) (I had to answer these questions a lot this past weekend – well, mostly the first two. I’m kind of wondering how I didn’t dissolve into anxious tears after about the 10th time.) So anyhow, today I think I’ll try to do enough of something that I don’t feel guilty […]