I heart my LYSs

I really, really do. There will come a day in the not very distant future when I will no longer live within walking distance of Lettuce Knit and Romni Wools, and that thought makes me very, very sad. This past Saturday I went with my sister M and our friend C (blogless) down to Romni. I hadn’t been in a while and even though it was C who wanted to make a purchase in the first place, somehow I ended up walking out with 4 skeins…what can I say, I guess it was the yarn fumes. Romni is formidable.

Anyway, you sure can’t do this when you shop online, I tell you what:

June2 004b

Sometimes you just need to hug a wall of sock yarn. (“It felt good to hug the sock yarn”, M reported later.) Yarn makes everything better. And you feel like you’ve been pulled into a vortex where time stops and there is only yarn, and so you don’t really notice how long you’re browsing for. It’s sort of intoxicating. (I even ran into Em, who was buying spinning-related things, and got into a conversation about how long I can possibly last before taking up spinning. I think the answer involved some amount of laughter.) I remember that when I was new to Romni, I didn’t buy anything for the first few visits, I just walked through and looked and touched so that I could get my bearings. After that it was all good. How could you not love this face?

June2 011b

(That’s the back wall where the worsteds await – where you can get enough of something sturdy and basic for a whole sweater if you want.)

I’m so excited to be going on the TTC Knitalong for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. I can’t wait. I’ll be on the West Team (Or, “Go West, Ye Knitters, Go West”), due in large part to my desire not to be on a Romni-less route – everyone gets to go to Lettuce Knit afterwards, so that was helpful in my decision-making process, and all routes include the Naked Sheep and the West Route includes Village Yarns, so I’ll still get to experience 2 new LYSs in the bargain.

Toronto has some great local yarn stores. So do London and San Francisco, I was happy to find out in the last year. It was so discouraging to read Alison’s tale from a horrible LYS in her neck of the woods (I can’t imagine experiencing such harshness in any consumer experience, let alone in an LYS.) Not all LYSs can be painted with the same brush, and I’m glad to have been able to discover that in Toronto first hand.

In other knitting news from the weekend, during our sloth on Saturday night and John Cusack movie fest, C made her first ballband discloth:

June2 018b

She’s planning to use it as a facecloth, which will be particularly comforting since by now she will be at home recovering from surgery and could surely use a nice wee knitted thing like that. And yes, she knows about the mistake she made and is quite content to leave it as-is. 😉

Happy knitting on this Tuesday…


  1. And sometimes, it’s nice to just go pet the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece as well…

    I was so excited to see they had the LanaKnits Allhemp in stock too. I’m going to keep my eye on it for the handback from No Sheep For You.

    (It’s probably not normal to hug sock yarn, is it? I’ll behave better next time I’m there…)

  2. oh my gosh! that is one amazing wall of sock yarn! oh to be within even decent driving distance of a LYS! My closest is WEBS and that is 45 min away!

  3. Seriously, I have got to get back to Toronto, I need to hug that Great Wall of Yarn!

    ACK on that miserable lys owner….ewwwww.

    ps love those yarn huggers!

  4. I may just go over to Romni’s today. Maybe I’ll hug the sock yarn. Maybe. I do need some sock yarn…. I really want to go on that yarn crawl, and even signed up, but my shifts at work got moved around, and now I can’t! You’ll have to hug some yarn for me.

  5. …And that’s why I said I had to ignore the fact that the store continued on back. I’m full of lusty-wrong feelings for sock yarn!

    Fortunately I managed to escape with little more than the spinning fluff, some woolwash, and a sorrow for yarns yet unbought. It was really neat to run into “real live knitbloggers”!

  6. Ah, Romni. I still dream of that place. And here I am moving to a city that only has one small LYS that I know of! I will have to make another pilgrimage when I am back in Toronto in the fall.

    Have fun on the weekend adventure. Wish I could be there!

  7. Love the pic of the sock wall hug. I’m a big fan of their Lamb’s Pride shelf.

  8. I’m almost crying after reading (and seeing) this latest post. It makes me understand why people want to climb mountainous peaks, if being in contact with such wonderful yarn is part of the process. You lucky thang…. if you could see what’s on offer from my LYS in rural Lincs, you’d commiserate… or just cackle with glee!

    Your socks look totally wonderful, but without the kilt, I’m afraid they’re just shadows of themselves….

  9. Oh…. to have a LYS!!! I can only dream about it, but thanks so much for the picture. It helped me, usually I have to go and pet and hug my own yarn, and let’s face it, that’s just not the same. I thought that I was the only one who was affected by the yarn fumes!

  10. Hey, did you get a mention on Stash and Burn this week? They shared a destashing tip from a Canadian with your name. And, since you’re obviously the only Canadian out there with your name, I thought it might be you. Yes?


    Also, hurrah for the ballband dishcloth! When I finish the shrug (almost done-ish!), I think I want to make a couple for my kitchen. They’re so much fun.

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