It’s contagious – Knit In Public Day Toronto 2007

This is a big (BIG) ol’ photograph post from my experience yesterday with the TTC Knitalong, with (perhaps somewhat cheezy) lyrical accompaniment by Regina Spektor, whose song ‘Us’ I heard right aroun the time the Yarn Harlot launced her ‘Represent’ book tour, and now the two are completely linked in my brain.

Thank you to Village Yarns, Romni Wools, Lettuce Knit, Americo Original, the Naked Sheep, and all the other Toronto yarn shops who opened their doors to us (and the TTC Knitalong discount), in celebration of Knit in Public Day. I think the best part was just being able to spend time with so many great knitters across the city – and of course, getting the full range of expressions from onlookers, that was a plus, too. 😉

(If you are in these photos please feel free to ID yourself in the comments, OR, if you’d prefer not to be pictured, let me know here or by email and I will remove pictures that you are in.)
On with the show…

They made a statue, of us.
And put it on a mountain top…

2TTC Knitalong 00857TTC Knitalong 119
55TTC Knitalong 087 62TTC Knitalong 109

Now tourists come and stare at us.

65TTC Knitalong 10417TTC Knitalong 030

Blow bubbles with their gum, take photographs for fun.
For fun…

40TTC Knitalong 059. 19TTC Knitalong 042

69TTC Knitalong 100.

53TTC Knitalong 089. 49TTC Knitalong 079

They’ll name a city after us.
And later say it’s all our fault…

64TTC Knitalong 107. 26TTC Knitalong 048
23TTC Knitalong 036.35TTC Knitalong 064
56TTC Knitalong 085

Then they’ll give us a talking to,
then they’ll give us a talking to,
Because they’ve got years of experience…

75TTC Knitalong 092 58TTC Knitalong 117

We’re living in a den of thieves…

14TTC Knitalong 031
Rummaging for answers in the pages…
1eTTC Knitalong 071

We’re living in a den of thieves,
And it’s contagious,
And it’s contagious…

15TTC Knitalong 02273TTC Knitalong 095
9TTC Knitalong 033

More tomorrow about my purchases and other miscellaney. All’s I’ll say is the yarn purchasing was minimal…but there was something else… 😉
Have a great Sunday!
4TTC Knitalong 003


  1. Great pics!

    Looks like there were all sorts of goodies at Village Knits. Maybe I’ll give them another try sometime.

  2. Fantastic pictures, looks like a great day.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I wish I could’ve been there, looks like SOOOOO much fun.

    “yarn purchasing was minimal…but there was something else…” Intrigueing……can’t wait to hear this…

  4. Looks like soo much fun! 😦 Sad I missed it!!

    Which place had the spinning wheel? Not that I have room for a spinning wheel, but where there’s a wheel there might be spindels and fleece and you know a castle wheel might fit on my desk…

  5. I wish I could have come — we were in Sudbury, looking for a house for the fall. We had a good time, but there was no knitting!

    Are you about to become a spinner?…

  6. Glad to see great fun was had by the looks of it. Lots been going on over here – I’ve been trying to read my blogs through Google Reader and for some reason you new posts hadn’t pinged it – I was suspicious it had been so quiet on your knitting front. Glad to see it’s just the technology that lets us down, never the yarn. I am NOT going to elann next – one of the savings for my bank balance is that Knit Picks doesn’t ship to the UK!

  7. looks like it was such a fun day!!!!!!! beautiful weather!

  8. Wow, you really captured the day. That was fun!

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