There will be no dishrag jag

My current state of mind is, shall we say, constantly subject to change. In addition to all the usual dissertation anxieties which all decided to gleefully jump on my head earlier this week, tomorrow I will officially enter the third week of being without my own laptop. I am losing the ability to be patient with other machines, and my sister’s laptop unfortunately does not seem to want to recognize my external hard drive, which is very disconcerting. I miss my laptop desperately, it’s fast, it has all my files and programs on it, and I want it back. ::sob::

June washrags

My knitting, on the other hand, does not give a flying fig what is going on with my laptop. It is just happy that I am knitting. This past weekend I decided to do something purposeless and mindless to match the state of my brain, and fell upon the 4 balls of Peaches and Creme dishcloth cotton that I added to Martha‘s order a few months ago. I promptly churned out 6 dishcloths in 5 days – I almost made it with just the 4 colours, but had to dip into some of M’s leftovers for a bit of green. I see now that the 4 colours I chose did not actually contrast very much with each other. Should I do this again, I’ll look for a broader palette in the mixture of cotton colours. (Not that I don’t like these, though – one is already in use and they have a nice happy look about them.) My original 4 shades:

June washrags

I finished Jaywalker #1 last night and have to cast on #2, to fend off SSS, but was left with another option to cast on for a second WIP. For me at this point, choosing a new knitting project is sort of like being a first-time tourist in Paris and dropped off with a map and guidebook and an entire day to fill with no discernable schedule. There are things I know objectively that I should do (the Eiffel Tower), things everyone else is doing (the Louvre), things I would really like to do but don’t know if now is exactly the right time (that obscure Monet museum off on the outskirts of town), and a whole lot of bustle and noise in between. I went with a combination of objectivity and ease, and cast on for my second Honeymoon Cami.

Honeymoon cami beginnings

I knitted one of these in Luna about a year ago in dark pink, and have had the purple and black sitting there waiting idly ever since. If I play my cards right, I’ll be able to finish this by the weekend. I’m planning on going to Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tomorrow night and will be glad for the stockinette acreage to keep my hands busy for 3 hours + previews. (Stockinette and I are buds. I love stockinette.) And tonight, there is Lettuce Knit. I’m looking forward to it 🙂


  1. ACK! I hope you get your laptop back ASAP….!!!
    I love your washcloths, the colours…what is the colour of that reddish orange? I tend to try and get a solid and a variegated that have no ‘like’ colours, but you can sure end up with some funny little washcloths, heh. But really, isn’t that what it’s all about…kind of? I use them as stress-busters. (knitting them)

    Mmmm, that dark purple is so pretty..
    Enjoy knitting tonight, also Pirates (haven’t seen #3 yet….)

  2. Oooer, I can’t wait to see that purple tonight, it’s gorgeous. Pirates is good solid entertainment in my opinion, especially good for stockinette.
    See you soon!

  3. I don’t think that I could live without my computer. I certainly know that I would want to. I hope you get it back soon before you go stark raving mad.

    I absolutely adore the ball band dish cloth pattern. I love the way it’s squishy.

  4. Oh I like those colors, despite the contrast that was not as stark as you expected. And looks like the tank will be lovely too.

  5. Yeah dishcloths!!!

    That purple is stunning I’m sure the finished garment will be amazing!

    (and yeah for movie knitting)

  6. how pretty! all those dishcloths are great! I wish I could knit at the movies! I saw Pirates and that would have been some great knitting time!

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