I still do not have my laptop. Apparently the part they need has been backordered and they continue to wait for the manufacturer to deliver it. If a fourth Monday goes by without my own laptop in my possession, I may not be responsible for my actions. ::sob::

(PS I am never buying another Toshiba anything ever, ever again.)

Since my knitting mojo also appears to be broken and I have not made a great deal of progress on any of my projects, I’ll leave you instead with a picture from Thursday night on Bloor St, with my friend C outside the new Royal Ontario Museum, post-Pirates viewing. (Somewhere in those 2hrs 45 minutes is a really great 2 hour dramatic action flick.)


I wonder how many precision* viewings of Pride and Prejudice it will take for me to forget about computer issues. I may also require copious amount of chocolate. Any and all other suggestions for coping mechanisms are greatly appreciated!

*Aka all Lizzie/Darcy scenes plus a few chez Bennets, with the scene at dawn taking possibly 3 or 4 extra views.


  1. Oh my gosh! You haven’t gotten your computer back yet? I think that I would be threatening people with pointy sticks by now.

    I love the look of the museum. I bet it is gorgeous during sunset.

  2. Gorgeous photo! amazing.

    ACK….I hope they get the part in SOON…guess I’ll go have a little talk with the universe, you’ve waited long enough…

  3. Which version of Pride and Prejudice? Kiera or BBC? I prefer the BBC, in which case you cannot under any circumstances miss the pond scene at the beginning of episode 4. Holy crap, hottest thing ever. Just saying.

  4. Last time my laptop went in for repair (thankfully, over a year ago) it was gone for a whole month – they kept finding new things wrong with it, and having to order new parts, graaaaaah! I so feel your pain.

  5. You poor thing, they should send you chocolate to help you keep calm

  6. I empathise (previous laptop died _five times_ in _12 months_ requiring total reinstall _every time_!! I have a Mac now). SO—
    Definitely the pond scene, with dark chocolate, and a side order of the bathrobe earlier on (oh the suggestiveness and hinting at future bliss)
    Also, so some excellent Colin Firth moments, how about Love Actually? I’m still not tired of that movie, umpteen viewings later… (and Hugh Grant rockin’ to ‘Jump! For My Love’ is hilarious!!)

  7. Oh no! *hugs* *vodka* *chocolate*

  8. As a ‘coping’ aid, have you seen the BBC series called ‘Spooks’? The earlier episodes feature Matthew McFadyen (and it’s a really well-made, slick, series). The newer series features Rupert Penry-Jones, who took over from Matthew when he sort of got killed off (but didn’t). He is also well worth considering as a ‘coping mechanism’!

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