If you give a knitter a holiday…

…she will still manage to find yarn.


For the Canada Day weekend (technically still going, since today is the business holiday as a result of the actual day falling on a Sunday) I tagged along with my parents for a visit up to friends in Owen Sound, which is a small town up towards the Bruce Peninsula. It’s a community that stands quite well on its own, but during the summer gets quite a bit of traffic from tourists coming through the area or up to the Bruce for camping and cottaging and miscellaneous summer activities (Although actually I am sure there is fair traffic in the winter for things like skiing and snowmobiling as well – there is no shortage of snow there in the winter). Owen Sound is within striking distance of Canadian wool producers like Philosopher’s Wool and Lindenhof Wool Mill, and after many years (apparently) of being without a bonafide Local Yarn Shop, now they are lucky to have Riverside Yarns.


Riverside Yarns is a lovely shop, and I hope they continue to prosper, as I would be pleased to have it as my LYS. They carry a strong combination of yarns, including Fleece Artist, Regia, Mission Falls, Butterfly Cotton, and others. They also carry a great deal of Patons, including Kroy, Canadiana, and Classic Wool, for anyone who needs the Patons supply. The owner is friendly and helpful, and when I or my mother are back up there I’m sure we would be happy to go back to the shop. (I did manage to score a skein of Fleece Artist Sea Wool, by batting my eyelashes very nicely at my mother. She came away with enough Butterfly cotton for a sweater.)

Since I’ve been in transit all day I’m a bit weary now, and although I’d like to give the ol’ college try and manage a few minutes of work, I am also sitting in wait for Martha‘s return tonight and I’m sure once she does we will sack out with some dinner and I will prop her up and ensure she does not fall asleep before a time deemed appropriate in this time zone. Also, I’m this close to finishing the Honeymoon Cami (just have to measure the straps and sew them up), and so decided to cast on for the After Dark nightie in celebration. Here’s to the last gasp of the holiday weekend…


  1. Happy Canada Day (yesterday) to You, Glenna, and happy with continuing the celebrations! Sounds like it’s been a great weekend and whoa, very nice yarn store! Aren’t Mommies wonderful? heh.
    Hang tough with Martha tonight, keeping her awake long enough….and welcome her home for me :^)

  2. what a cute little shop! sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. Lady O · ·

    oooh! yeah!

    The nightie works up really quickly, I’ve already finished the back. – It is very short – so I guess that helps

  4. Yay!!!! I have been admiring this sweater since the book launch. It is on my to do list. Now I just need to practice on some other sweater first! 🙂

  5. OOOOPS wrong post for this comment..I just may have to stop multitasking once in a while!

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