I still have no laptop, my knitting hates me and I had to rip out my grand total of 4 inches’ progress of badly-knitted lace trim on the After Dark nightie, it is rainy outside, I don’t want to write my Thesis, and my floor of the library is dark and filled with men with loud drills replacing all of the fluorescent lights.


But here I do at least have computer access. I’m going to go look at yarn online, so THERE.


  1. I feel your pain. My sources of grumpiness are almost all different — though the thesis and the rain are prominent — but I feel exactly the same about it. Bah. I want to go back to bed. (And without a baby with me, this time!).

  2. YUCK!!

    I think yarn browsing is just the way to over come the soul sucking nature of Robarts.

  3. question:

    Where did you get your swift? Is it a metal or wood one (I can’t remember)?

  4. What a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad day! The wet yuck rain doesn’t help either! Maybe Lettuce Knit tonight will make things better!

  5. Yarn crawling via internet=good time.
    I’m so sorry you’re having such a suck day…but yeah, you at least have knitnight tonight….get thee there, woman, and enjoy!

    (Hope it gets better for you :^)

  6. I hate days like that. Hopefully looking at all the yarn will brighten your spirits and not leave your wallet too much lighter.

    You know, desktop computers aren’t all that expensive and it would make a fine back up to your laptop. I got a new desktop a few months ago and it has a LOT of power for what I need — I’m not a heavy gamer — and it was only about $500. (Of course I didn’t get a monitor with it because I didn’t need one, but that wouldn’t add too terribly much to the price.) I guarantee you that once you turn your attentions to another suitor (computer) your first one will come running back to you. They’re jealous fools, they are.

  7. 🙂 that is the perfect solution to swing your mood….

  8. Looking at yarn makes everything better. BUYING yarn makes everything perfect! 😉

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