Getting There

I did get out to knit night last night at LK, and it was good to do so, to spend an hour or two applying my thoughts to something besides Thesis stress or whining about my absentee computer. I sat next to a nice woman named Robin, visiting from Nashville (who as it turns out is pals with another lady from Nashville), and when I related to her my tribulation of starting the MDK After Dark nightie and having to rip out the lace, she sagely suggested that I check the errata page in case there were pattern errors.

July5Glenna 001

Buoyed by the hope that my problem might not be My Own Frazzled Brain Which Is Oozing Out My Ears As We Speak, but an Actual Pattern Error, I checked the errata as soon as I got home only to come up empty-handed for the nightie. It appears my brain is not in a state of lace-knitting at the moment. But I cast on again and did the garter edge and a single repeat of the lace without coming up short of stitches or with extra stitches so I will live in hope of completing all 5 inches’ worth before moving on to the safe haven of Stockinette Land.

But I tells ya, the knitting force is not with me this week – I’m on my second Jaywalker and I think there is a mistake in pretty much every round of the last 3 inches I’ve knitted. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, my peeps. I am wondering if someone X-rayed my head if they would see a picture with lots of crumbled shards where my brain ought to be. I also live in mild concern over encountering the same problem as Michelle when I get to the end of my 2nd sock. What if 420 yds isn’t enough for the larger size on 2.25mm needles and 84 stitches? What if, what if, what if…

Last night I was also pleased to deal some DVD crack and lent Natalie Seasons 1-2 of Alias, and happily passed on some Patons Canadiana from my stash to Elizabeth’s collection for summer camp supplies. Elizabeth is wise. She saw me fondling the Lorna’s Laces and said, ‘oh, don’t buy more Lorna’s Laces, get more Sea Wool instead.’ Right she was. I held off, but next week I might not be able to. Next week maybe…


  1. I promise the pattern works (except you have to insert one purl row before beginning the eyelet at the top of the front) I’m in the middle of the eyelet f or the front and it actually does work… I’m kind of amazed… I’m sure to find a way to mess it up before the end though.

    (Either that or the whole darn thing will be the wrong size…)

    That colour is really pretty! How are you liking the Camilia?

  2. I second on that beautiful colour! I have everything that will cross, crossed for your good luck on that lace and that everything works out this time…taking into consideration what Lady O just wrote…..
    Ditto for the Jaywalkers, may the yarn last even beyond finishing them…Be kind to yourself, it’s just one of those…weeks? months? heh.

  3. I am trying to send you good Jaywalker vibes over the border! If it makes you feel better, I had to rip back way too many times because I kept forgetting the last increase at the end of a dpn. It’s a simple pattern; I don’t know what was wrong with me. Brainsharditis, I assume.

    I’m thinking 420 yards should be enough yarn, I wouldn’t fret too much about that. I don’t know what I was thinking, knitting size 11 socks with a 6 inch leg and only 340 yards.

  4. I have weeks like that too, when I can’t handle anything more complicated than a plain sock. And it’s usually right when I want to be making something complicated. I thought we were supposed to finish our PhD’s smarter, not with our brains in tatters!

    The Jaywalkers are looking pretty. Tell me, does 84 stitches on 2.25 mm make a sock big enough for your foot? I think I tried the larger size and it was too narrow. Just in case I ever decide to try again…

  5. Hope the yarn manages to hold the brain shards together

  6. I think lace is a fickle mistress.

  7. I had four or five *years* of desertion by the Knitting Muse. I think that if I’d been more willing to push through the slump it would have ended sooner, but who knows. The force will return for you soon, though; otherwise, how will you procrastinate? 🙂

    I wanted to make it to LK last night but Miz Clara didn’t wake up from her nap until 8pm (!) and I was not leaving the house until she’d nursed. Going too long between nursings is not fun.

    Next week, I hope.

  8. Oh, Glenna, so much angst! Your mind is elsewhere. Patterns need concentration…. and love.

    But having said the word ‘love’, then your fondling of Lorna’s Laces is fondling in the right place. Go with it! Lorna’s Laces = love! Who is this Elizabeth and her Sea Wool? Pah!

  9. 420 yards should be enough, even in the larger size. I’ve only once run out of yarn for my size 11 feet, and that was a pattern that I designed that ended up with a gauge of 11 st/in, complete with cables.

  10. Actual Pattern Error = APE. 😀 I’m a dork, but I thought it was mildly amusing… 😉

    Good luck with the nightie; I hate when your brain decides to just, you know, STOP WORKING without any warning at all.
    Mine, at the moment, just wants to knit socks. More socks. And buy more wool. In July. *sigh* I am weak…

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