That there cracktastic addictive knitting website

I was all ready to show progress photos of Jaywalker and After Dark, except God only knows where my camera cord has gotten off to so at the moment I am new-photo-less. (Also, I was going to mention my Grand Plan to complete both of the lace edgings for the front and the back of the nightie, then join all sts and work the rest of it in the round. Yes, I was feeling moderately proud of that decision.)

But the long and the short of it, anyhow, is that I didn’t get much knitting done last night because instead I ended up on Ravelry. (Sneak peek here.) I got my invite on Friday, then patiently waited the rest of the weekend (I started out trying to get the username ‘crazyknittinglady’, which the site then truncated to ‘crazyknittinglad’, which was not quite the same look I was going for. So then Casey very kindly changed my username. I am now ‘GlennaC’).

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So now I’ve got a few projects up there and things in my queue (you create your profile and identity there by listing your WIPs, FOs, and wish lists) and am having a good time just browsing. My favourite part of the knitting blogs, especially when i first got on to reading them a little over a year ago, was looking at everyone’s FO photos. That’s pretty much the core of Ravelry as far as I can tell – the photos. I can see who else is knitting Jaywalker or who else wants to knit Clessidra or who else has Lorna’s Laces in their stash…

If you’re on Ravelry already, please feel free to come say hi and we can be friends…I’m still figuring out how to find people! If you’re not on Ravelry yet, I feel your pain, because I was sitting here for months, too, listening to people talk about Ravelry and wanting to roll my eyes every time…But they really are working that waiting list, they’re bringing people on every day at an increasing rate, and they really do want to make it open to everyone as soon as the bugs are all worked out.

ETA – Also, if you’re not on Ravelry yet but are waiting to be, a good way to get yourself prepped is to make sure you have FO pictures – and stash pictures, if you wish – on a Flickr account. The Raverly site imports photos directly from your Flickr account so that when you post a project, you can just drag and drop right from Flickr. Cool, huh?

Hopefully by the next post I will have found my camera cord…


  1. Uhmmm. Yeah. I LOVE it, but it’s a major time burner!

  2. I haven’t been able to jump headfirst into Ravelry yet myself. I’ve been too busy with the kitchen reno (geez, I’m such a broken record). I’ve only been able to sloooowly post old projects I’ve completed. I’m hoping this weekend will be dedicated to Ravelry. Probably in the form of taking pics of my stash and getting that uploaded. Woot!

    BTW- I love the Ravelry button. Where can I download my own??

  3. isn’t it the hugest time sucker EVER!!!! I just added you as a friend (I’m Stacey14)…’s a blast though – it really helps when you are starting a new project, or looking for a project for a certain yarn – so much easier than googling it!!!

  4. Oh! I’m not on Ravelry yet, but I’m gonna sign up. (I’m terrible about internet bandwagons. I’m always six months behind.) So exciting!

  5. One day… One day my invite will come.

  6. Ohh, shinny!!! I’m still waiting.

    Maybe you can tell me – is it just easier from flickr or does it only work from flikr? As I already have a whack of stuff up on photobucket…

  7. Howdy! I’m madtownmama there, and I’m adding you as a ‘friend’ right now.

  8. Rebecca · ·

    *grumble* i’m still waiting for my invite and i’m terribly excited.

    can’t wait to see you there!

  9. I obviously have been missing something. Thank you so much for the info on Raverly. It looks amazing.


  10. Thanks, Glenna, for writing an informative post about Ravelry rather than the roll-my-eyes type I’ve mostly been seeing. The posts I’ve seen so far have more or less gone, “Hey you guys, there is this GREAT website Ravelry, are you on it yet? You should all join!” and then you go there and you can’t join because it’s not fully operating yet. Bah. So thanks for your humble, non-exclusive post. 😉 I’m on the waiting list and can’t wait for my invite to come!

  11. Congratulations!
    I am so far behind…just keeping up (and not very well I might add) with the blog….and just thinking about something else to suck my time makes my head nearly explode…BUT…the day may come. So, you have to join in order to look around? bummer. dang…I know I’ll be biting this bullet some day…

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