But does your knit night have troubadours?

Lettuce Knit’s does. (Now.)

Round about 9 o’clock last night these two guys walked down the street singing, each strumming a guitar – the song was “Take On Me” by A-Ha! Everyone cheered and they came back. They played a rendition of “Faith” by George Michael before they departed us. I think they were as pleasantly bemused at a group of knitters cheering them on as we were to have been spontaneously serenaded. They are playing on Sunday at the Free Times Cafe and i wish I’d remembered the name of their group because they quite frankly deserve all the free press in the world. It was such a happy highlight of the evening and made me more gleeful than possibly anything else has in the last few weeks. (Even better than Ravelry). We told them they should come back next week. Maybe I’ll make cupcakes.

But wait. There might not be enough cuteness in your life today. Here, have some pictures of wee Clara. (I am sure mum Emily won’t mind?) Elizabeth is pictured there with her – if you want to hang with Clara at knit night you’ve got to work that out with Elizabeth first. 😉

ClaraLKJuly12 Clara3LKJuly12

And as promised, here are progress pics. Jaywalkers:


I am not loving them right now. But they are 3/4 done and I must finish them or ELSE. I have more fish to fry. Like this After Dark Nightie which allowed me to get through the lace panels, and which I am now working in the round:


I love Stockinette country. It’s my favourite country to be in.

OOh look, something shiny!
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Heather very kindly awarded me a ‘Rockin’ Girl Blogger’ award! So now I have to pick 5 more and pass the love. I will get on that asap. At the moment my brain (and eyes) are still blurry from the eye doctor visit this morning and I have to reorient myself. After 2 nights of insomnia I slept like a log last night and am now finding some focus again. Still got that danged dissertation to write. Off I go…


  1. Well done! I do have to say, I have a bit of Blog envy. I plan on actually doing something with mine eventually… right now I am juggling many many needles full…but soon

    I too hope the guys return! they were a riot.

  2. How cool is that?!?!? Definitely, cupcakes…and yeah, they’re pretty good!
    Oh, I love your Jaywalkers…I find there’s such a range depending on the yarn but I haven’t seen one yet that I don’t like.
    The After Dark Nightie is looking dreamy…
    and hey, you ARE a rockin’ kinda girl!

  3. ?????
    …..Clara…..mercy she’s a beauty!

  4. Oh I want guys coming around and serenading while I knit.

    I can’t wait to see the after dark nightie all done. I’ve been mulling over doing something like that for me.

  5. You got it up! 😀 (The song is actually called “Take On Me” though ;)) That was way too much fun – I hope they come back *g*

  6. GO YOU!! Knitting it in the round would be soo much faster – see this is why you are awesome!! And it looks great.

  7. Wow…I hope they come back, too, because I’m going to be there on the 25th, wheeeee!!!!

    I wonder if I could get my husband to bring his guitar….

  8. You are a rockin’ blogger! Your nightie looks great so far.

  9. Ooh that lace was worth persevering with have fun in stockinette country.

  10. That’s so neat! I wish I’d been there (but it was Harry Potter movie date night!)

    You are definitely a rockin’ girl blogger. Don’t lose hope on the those Jaywalkers, and that nighty looks like it’s coming along fabulously!

  11. Hey, at least you’re working on your Jaywalkers at all! They’re looking great, and you are so. close. 😉

    Ahhh, stockinette country. But you know, you are also in the CAPITOL of stockinette country: In The Round. I envy you. Curse purling the WS! I’m admiring you circular city folk in my rural knitting-it-flat land. By the way, the nightie’s looking beautiful!

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