At Last

But sadly this isn’t a long leisurely pleasant “at last” like Gershwin would want, it’s a OMG just as long as I finish this &*%$ing pair of socks!! kind of “at last.” ::cough:: Anyway.


I finally finished the Jaywalkers. This is my second pair – I made a pair back in the fall but they didn’t fit, and I wanted a pair that would fit me. I realized by the time I got to the foot on the first sock that this really isn’t the pattern for me. I like the way they look when they’re finished, I think it’s a genius way of using self-striping yarn and I wish I could love the pattern, but I can’t. The 2nd sock was a slog. I think there’s something in the level of mindlessness that I look for in a sock that just wasn’t there – it’s not mindless enough for me to not pay much attention (like, say, basic stockinette), but it wasn’t complicated enough for me to sit down with it in the evenings and sink my teeth into it like something with cables or intricate patterns. It was just there.

Also, I barely eeked out a pair from this ball of Online Linie 100 – I would estimate I had about 5-10 yards left. Erk. So anyhoo, I am making friends with stockinette socks again, for they are lickety split and kind to me.


Ain’t she pretty? That’s Online Supersocke also, from their Tropic Color series. I snatched this up at Romni Wools a couple of months ago because the colour combination was just so friendly I had to have it. I like the not-quite-full-spectrum colour combo and the defined, uneven stripes. It makes me feel relaxed just looking at it. Aaaaahhhhhhh.

Also, in the back there you can spy some Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Lettuce Knit got some in last week and now I am finally a proud new owner of STR. Can’t wait to start knitting it up!

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For anyone still waiting to get their Ravelry invite, you can now go and find out your place on the waiting list and estimate how long it will be before your invite gets to you. These are all being done in an automated way – every day they tell the computer how many invites to send out, and then the computer reads the list of invite requests and takes the next batch, in the sequence of when people signed up for the invite. (No favouritism, in other words).

Also, I would like to pass this award on that Heather gave me:

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To a few of the ladies who I’ve been blogging with for many many months, just about the whole time I’ve been on this blog:
Kelly, at Hedgehog Knits
Marianne, at Marianne’s Knotminding
Twig, at Twig’s (mis)Adventures in Knitting
Michelle, at VeganPurls
My lovely see-stor Martha, at Under The Influence

Thank you ladies, for being rockin’ blogggers!
If only I could spend all day today knitting. Ah well…
I hope your Monday is relatively painless!


  1. Glenna, Thank you so very much! I was thinking the other day about your blog being one of the first I had discovered, can’t even remember ‘how’ but I’ve always had a great time, fun, and felt so comfortable visiting you.
    I love your Jaywalkers, maybe I’ll get busy and knit the mate to my first pair…but whooooeee, I’m really lovin’ the Online socks! the colours and the pattern.
    YAY on the STR yarn!
    You DO Rock in all the best ways.

  2. Nice job! Yeah, I am on the verge of casting on some stockinette socks too, much too much patterning lately πŸ™‚

  3. cute jaywalkers, but I feel the same way as you about the pattern – eh….

    new socks are very cute – you don’t see irregular striping too often – i really like it!

  4. wiscjennyann · ·

    Despite the trauma, the socks look fab. Love the zig-zag look with that yarn!

  5. Just off to find out how long I have to wait!

    Great socks btw

  6. You’re taking this too far, Glenna. Stockinette, in the round… on socks? You have it made. I am so jealous. That’s like, the corvette of knitting with a spoiler, tinted windows, and spinning hubcaps. And you’re the prom queen. My life sucks! πŸ˜‰ The Rockin’ Girl Blogger award is a sweet consolation, though — thank you! So I think I’ll forgive you for leaving me in Jaywalker hell, haha. No really, I’m glad you’re home free, and your socks are very cute (in addition to being DONE, yay). I hope to be following your lead and casting on some mindless stockinette socks soon. We’ve earned it, that’s for sure.

  7. Thank you! Not only from saving me from Jaywalker Hell, but also for the award. Gosh it’s going to be a hard decision who to pass it on to!

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