Muddling through

This is my brain:

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Well, actually, it’s a chalked/painted maze that I saw on the street the other day outside Honest Ed’s just off of Bloor St. I sympathized. And also – isn’t that cool? Yeah anyway, the urge to procrastinate is strong, but I am doing my best to fight it and Apply Myself. Stupid thesis that won’t stupid write itself.

This is the carrot I’m trying to dangle in front of me so that I will somehow manage to get a flaming first draft of my dissertation done (the plan was to have that done by the end of July. Erk. Might be tight… ::whistles::)

July19 002

This is a future Venezia Pullover (from Interweave Knits Fall 2006). When KnitPicks released a whole whack of new heathery non-Crayola shades of their Palette fingering-weight, something snapped in my brain. I ordered a bunch. It arrived this week. I want to knit it SO MUCH, but I am trying to use it as bait instead.

Oh yeah, and here are some Pictures of Cute from Lettuce Knit last night, and Aven‘s young man, who is quite pleased to (alternately) grab for yarn, grab for anything shiny, chew yarn labels (from already-wound skeins) and explore from the perspective of the floor. He’s a crowd-pleaser.

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The cupcakes were yummy. I’m already thinking about what to bake next week. Chocolate-Espresso…Amaretto Cream…Chocolate with Coconut Frosting… ::drool::

And oh look! It’s dinner time. 😉


  1. Oooh, I’ve had my eye on that Venezia pullover too. I look forward to seeing how it works up in the KP yarn.

    Here’s to getting thesis drafts completed! I’m with you!

  2. The cupcakes were *very* yummy. I can say that definitively since I ate 2!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  3. I’d say if your brain looks like the chalk maze weeks before you turn in a diss. draft, you’re doing pretty well! My brain feels like mush right now (though it’s probably more due to toddler-induced sleep-deprivation than anything else.) Good luck with that and all the knitting.

  4. He is so adorable! OMG adorable.
    Oh, I’ve missed something here…those heathered Palette colours? how have I missed those? ack.
    You really are such a naughty woman, with those cupcakes, sure, make the lady in Oklahoma shed tears.
    Good luck with the writing!

  5. mmmm—esspresso..but that is just me! 😉

    the little guy was super cute!

    and on the procrasination front…am right there with you. Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to while an entire day away when there is work to be done…I knit MS3 while watching the Sound of Music today….instead of the industry profile I should be working on and then proceeded to spend numerous hours (not minutes…hours) on email and facebook, and instant messaging, etc. I think i clocked maaaaybe 30minutes of productivity today. If you don’t count teh knitting progress..which i do …so let me qualify–work related progress. (big sigh)

    But am looking forward to tomorrow…going to the Knitty yarn tasting at Alterknits!!!! weeee

  6. Elizabeth · ·

    You’re creating quite a niche for yourself as a photographer of cute knitting babies. I particularly like the one where Keri’s trying to restrain him as he reaches for the cider. Or is it her beautiful blue Smooshy he’s after? Either way, he’s definitely a knitter-in-training.

    I hadn’t realized that you were the mystery cupcake baker. They were indeed delicious, although I feel guilty for cramming one in my mouth as I raced out.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been applying all my problem solving skills but can’t figure out a way that a cupcake from next week’s batch would survive being mailed to me at camp! See you when I rejoin the world.

  7. That is a very cool bit of street-art! If you’re using it as a metaphor for your mental state, then remember that with all labyrinths there comes a time of constriction, which is followed by a joyful turning, leading you back out. (Thesis writing, to a complete draft, to editing and final submission, perhaps?)

    Regarding cupcakes, may vote is always for something chocolate 🙂

  8. With Venezia as the bait you’ll surely make your end of July deadline – unless of course you’ve already cast it on…

  9. Venezia looks wunnerful! What yummy colours.

    We have as well a wonderful maze (a turf one), very near where we live.

  10. Those are great colors. Good luck with your resolve. It’s really hard for me not to sit back and knit all weekend but I have a brief I have to have ready for Monday. We can be miserable together. GAAAH!

  11. Oh how I wish I’d started my IK subscription a year earlier! There are so many great sweaters in the 2006 mags… Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and buy them all…?

    Looking forward to seeing progress on the Venezia pull-over (that yarn is gorgeous!) – after stupid dissertation that won’t stupid write itself. 😉 I don’t think I’d ever get a dissertation done if I didn’t have a deadline.. I’m too much of a procrastinator! And I’d totally use the yarn as an excuse not to do anything but knit, not as bait. 😛
    So good luck with it, I hope you finish it by the end of your deadline. 🙂 Stay strong!

  12. I love the Venzia pattern. Can’t wait to see your progress. Stay strong though. Keep dangling that carrot. 🙂 Keep baking those cupcakes too! I’m drooling over those flavor combinations….

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