Almost After Dark


The nightie is blocking. Once it’s dry I’ll be able to weave in a few ends and go on the hunt for some bra straps, and still be able to wear this baby while the summer’s still on. it’s close enough for me to call it done. I would very much like to knit the robe as well, although I don’t think i will do it exactly as it appears in the book – seed stitch is not my first choice for trim. I’ll ponder that for a wee bit.

Pattern: After Dark Nightie by Allison Will Green, in Mason-Dixon Knitting.
Size: 37″ (third size)
Yarn: Elann Camila, 6 skeins
Cast on: July 2, 2007
Cast off: July 26, 2007
Note: I strongly recommend reading Julia’s pattern notes from her experience over at Mind of Winter. They are comprehensive and very helpful.

First, let me talk about the yarn – Elann Camila. I was very pleased with it, and would not hesitate to knit with it again. Obviously I haven’t worn the whole finished garment yet, so I can’t say for certain how it will hold up over time, but based on my experience knitting with it I was quite happy. In fact, I think it would make a great yarn substitute for the Cables and Os cardigan from No Sheep For You, and it is only through sheer force of willpower that I haven’t rushed over and bought more for exactly that purpose. The Queensland Cotolino that the pattern calls for is very, very close to the Elann Camila, and in fact at knit night a few weeks ago Elizabeth was knitting the Cables and Os with the Queensland, and I had my nightie, and we compared the yarns and they were so close it was nearly perfect. The only thing I wish is that the Elann Camila came in more colours – the ones on offer are a pretty pale palette.

Camila feels exactly how you would expect a 50-50 cotton/linen yarn to feel. A little bit soft, and a little bit crisp, and smooth to the touch. There was a faint “grassy” smell to it as i worked with it, and the occasional bit of flotsam, but not to the same extent as, say, Noro Silk Garden. I wasn’t bothered by that.

Next, the pattern. It is a beautiful pattern. I love me some stockinette panels, and the lace trip at bottom and top is enough to take the level of challenge up a notch and give me practice at lace patterns. It is meant to be worked flat in two pieces, however I modified this for in-the-round knitting because I didn’t want to be sleeping on long side seams, and stockinette on circulars is My Favourite Kind Of Knitting.

There is, however, some room for improvement, most notably for the fact that there is no pattern schematic accompanying the pattern. This is not a small detail to miss, particularly since I think the pattern is sized for a fairly petite woman. I’m 5’9″, so I’m used to adding an inch or two in length. However, the added challenge with this pattern is that there is no guideline for where the, ahm, ::ahem:: nipple line is supposed to fall. Is the lace trim at the top supposed to keep you fully covered or sit directly across the bust line? These are details I would have appreciated, because it would have helped me to know how much length to add in the stockinette section of the torso, to accommodate my own size and preferences.

Adding length in the skirt section is easily enough done – but sadly I didn’t add length there and now I wish I had done, because it would cover me just a little bit more. I think I may go back and seam up the edges of the lace panels on the skirt, it would give the whole thing a bit more sturdy feel.

So there you have it, folks, an almost-finished-object. I will be happy to move on to other things and look forward to wearing this to bed. Will you get a shot of me wearing it? Ahm, no. 😉 That will remain between me and my duvet cover. (Literally! Yuk yuk yuk. I kill me.)

On with the day…


  1. It looks great!

    I fully agree about the pattern, I ended up adding to bottom and doubled the lace but it was a lot of guess work.

    I’ll have to try my next one in the round.

    How do we convince elann to make more and vibrant colours?! I love the red that the Euroflax comes in, but the Camila colours are so bland.

  2. Hang on a minute! I honestly thought that your ‘nightie’ was something that was nightie-like, but designed to be worn during the day? You know, like wearing camisoles as summer tops? And seeing your photo of the nightie, Glenna, makes me even more of the opinion that this beautiful object should not be kept in the dark! It’s really lovely.

    And the Camila yarn looks good too. I’m always slightly wary of cotton, because I think it might bag, and linen, because I know it creases, but I really like the look of this yarn, and it’s good to get your opinion.

  3. Ooooh pretty! good on you!

    and great review. I have to say, I really appreciate knowing the ins and outs of a pattern before I try them. Thanks for taking the time!

    Happy Stitching!

  4. *laugh* You’re a few ants short of a picnic.

    It’s looking great! I’ll be interested to hear how it feels when you wear it. I love the colors the Camila comes in and I really like the pattern, too.

  5. that is beautiful – i think it would look great as a nightie or somehow worn out in public! too pretty to be kept in!

  6. There is nothing better than (almost) completing an item which you *know* you’ll wear, and the weight that’s been lifted off you, so that you can now move on to something else you’ve been wanting to make.

    I really, really like the colour. 🙂 Lovely shade of purple! Well done!

  7. Yum! Great job.

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