Monthly Archives: August 2007

Apparently I’m not so much into “small”

The exception to this is, of course, any time I think I can represent progress to myself. I wrote 300 words this morning, thus earning myself a blogging reward. And a piece of chocolate. Also, my 2nd pair of Monkeys is progressing through concerted effort at a rate of about 5% per day, which is […]

The madness has got to stop

I think I need to just accept my stash and my stashing ways and stop pretending to have any ability to “maintain” or “de-stash” what I’ve got, because damn. These August sales are killing me. I was chatting on Ravelry with Kim, another knitter from Hamilton, who told me about a summer tent sale going […]

I’m in ur Rhinebeck, fondling ur woolz

Well, I did it. I’ve been chatting about the idea with Rebecca for some time, and had been mentally revving up for The Plan…But today I went and booked the flight. All those Air Canada seat sale emails finally wore me down, what can I say. Round about that time is likely when I’ll be […]

The cupcakes will continue

Since cupcakes are one of the few things not currently providing me with stress or anxiety, I have no intention of ceasing to make them. (I will have to continue to find people to help me eat them, but that is another matter). This time I decided to branch out with my own recipe format, […]


I’m not awesomely thrilled that it’s Monday, boo, whine…But you know what would brighten up anyone’s Monday? Freaking cute PUPPIES, that’s what! Check out that ultra-adorable set of wee doggies. I could die from all the cute.

How to recover from a move

I imagine there are many ways of doing this, and I have been trying a few of them. (Baking, glasses of wine, and unpacking one box at a time are some which come to mind). Then there are all knitting and yarn-related recovery options. On the day after my move, however, I don’t think I […]


ETA: Just checking in via my parents’ internet connection to say that all the loading and unloading has been done and much more quickly than we anticipated, thanks to the help of many friends and especially my parents who took care of the moving van rental and helped pack up a few more things on […]

Book Review: Romantic Knits

[Edited to add]: Find corrections for this book and other Annie Modesitt patterns here.  In the midst of all Thesis and General Life Turmoil, I thought I’d remind myself that reading and writing aren’t always painful, by sitting down with a knitting book review. Annie Modesitt’s Romantic Hand Knits is a treat. It seems as […]

Still Life with Boxes

Well, my life isn’t incredibly ‘still’ right now, but let’s pretend it is. We’ll pretend I don’t still have craploads of writing to do (i’ve been writing during the day, I swear! agh… and am taking the evening/weekend times to pack/recharge my sanity/stare at the rubble). We’ll just pretend all these boxes are “decor”. Tonight’s […]


I am not going to think about the fact that I have to fill a moving van in exactly two weeks. I am not going to think about how I am going to get my dissertation draft finished before then. I am not going to dwell on all the million smaller tasks that have to […]