Still Life with Boxes


Well, my life isn’t incredibly ‘still’ right now, but let’s pretend it is. We’ll pretend I don’t still have craploads of writing to do (i’ve been writing during the day, I swear! agh… and am taking the evening/weekend times to pack/recharge my sanity/stare at the rubble). We’ll just pretend all these boxes are “decor”.

Tonight’s my last chance to get out to Lettuce Knit as a resident Toronto citizen. I don’t know when my next LK night will be! I’ll look forward to seeing a few of you there, I hope it doesn’t rain on us. I have needles for Em (possibly for other people, too, if she doesn’t want all of ’em, heh) and a bag for Maryann, and a great need to be soothed by yarn.

That’s the 2nd Monkey sock up there on the boxes, waiting to be my second full pair of socks that I reel in this week – I finished the basic socks with that happy colourful Online Linie…and then stuffed ’em in a box. šŸ˜‰

Off I go to pull myself together for today and then hide in the air-conditioned refuge of the campus library. Damned thesis ain’t gonna write itself. (But oh how I wish it would.)


  1. Oh dear, I feel slighly ill just looking at your boxes – I HATE moving. I hope it and the writing go smoothly!

  2. Good luck with the moving. I hate moving. Seriously hate it. Blech.

  3. Stick to it — you’re nearly there! (I just realized this sentence can apply to moving, the thesis, and Lettuce knit!)

  4. Ack. I still have loaded boxes, quite a few of them…just waiting their turns…I’m with Risa, blech with the actual moving part…I’ve been looking for my magic wand and can’t find it.
    Have fun tonight!

  5. Too bad that thesis won’t KNIT itself. Heh. I hope your move goes smoothly (and quickly). I hate moving but it is nice when you get settled in your new place!

  6. I’ve heard that about theses … *tries not to think about it for another month or so*

    But the move will be over soon. And then you’ll get to unpack your stash which is kind of like getting all sorts of new yarn…

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