ETA: Just checking in via my parents’ internet connection to say that all the loading and unloading has been done and much more quickly than we anticipated, thanks to the help of many friends and especially my parents who took care of the moving van rental and helped pack up a few more things on Monday. Still lots of unpacking and more shifting around to do (I’m sure I’ll keep you posted on that), but I am quite sure the good thoughts of the blogosphere were instrumental today ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course, it is now only 5:30pm and I’m all unloaded so that means if you Stitch n’ Pitchers have knitting gauge issues tonight, I can no longer be your karmic scapegoat. I’ll try to suck in as much bad knitting karma for you as I can as long as I can have a beer while I do it…Heh heh. Thank you for your good wishes!

* * * *

Moving day has arrived.

If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, send a banana creme pie after me. (Well, that’s actually what Garfield would say. I would say send some yarn and a bottle of vodka after me, but whatever, I’ll take pie.)

Oh yeah, and it’s like I was saying to a couple of the ladies at Lettuce Knit last week – if you suddenly find yourself ripping back half your knitting today, or winding skeins that refuse to untangle, or discovering your project won’t fit…well, I hereby take the blame on account of Moving Day Karma. Just today, mind you – tomorrow you’re on your own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Catch y’all on the other side of the pile of rubble…


  1. I hope all goes without a hitch!


  2. Have a good move, Glenna! I hope things go well!!

  3. *Carefully sets down the lace and backs away slowly*

    Hope your move goes well!

  4. take good care today! I am sending good move thoughts your way!

  5. wiscjennyann · ·

    Good luck! Hope is painless! (Or as painless as moving can possibly be…)

  6. Best of luck!

  7. You had to pick stitch n pitch night, didn’t you?? Think about it…a whole section of people with pointy sticks to throw at the field in frustration. Film at 11.

  8. Have a good move.

  9. Good luck with the move!

    Yarn, vodka, and pie = breakfast of champions.

  10. Good luck – sending all the virtual yarn support possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Good luck with the move! Hope you have that bottle of vodka stashed away for when you need to unpack…..

  12. Congrats on the packing,moving,and unpacking! (I’m still unpacking…..)
    Hope you kept your knitting handy…I KNOW you did!

  13. Glad you got your stuff moved okay. Now comes the really ‘fun’ part – unpacking.
    Just down the bottle of vodka and hope it all unpacks itself!

  14. Good luck with your move and I certainly hope your moving day doesn’t cause any hiccups in your life….nothing broken or lost.

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