The cupcakes will continue

Since cupcakes are one of the few things not currently providing me with stress or anxiety, I have no intention of ceasing to make them. (I will have to continue to find people to help me eat them, but that is another matter). This time I decided to branch out with my own recipe format, based on my favourite drink – the Cosmopolitan. I figured since there are cupcake recipes out there based on teas and coffees and other alcoholic beverages (as for example I did find a margarita cupcake recipe on the webs…and another with amaretto in it that I am itching to make), heck, surely I could take the Cosmo and do something with it in cupcake form. I’m not going to give the full specs of what I did just yet, because quite frankly I believe I can do better and I want another go at it. But, I will say that these got very rave reviews from those who have eaten them.

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The four ingredients in a Cosmopolitan are cranberry juice, vodka, Cointreau, and lime. Anybody who tries to substitute one of those things (or do something terrible like stick a cherry in it or serve it on the rocks or in a highball glass – all things I have experienced while trying to order one out in a bar or restaurant) is either selling you something or settling for less than the perfect drink, in my humble opinion 😉 So I was trying to get all 4 of these flavours in there. In the cupcake I used cranberry juice, vodka, and lime zest. The lime and vodka are there solidly but the cranberry was too mild. When I try again I will try to find either some juice concentrate, or dried cranberries, or both. Also, they didn’t rise quite as thoroughly as I would have liked, so I’ll have adjust some things there. I also had to drop in a wee bit of red food colouring for tint, since the cranberry juice didn’t affect the colour and I wanted them to look like something besides vanilla cupcakes. The frosting, though? The frosting recipe I am not touching because it is the best thing I have ever eaten. I had no shame in licking the spatula clean.

Lime-Cointreau Buttercream
(accompaniment for Cosmo cupcakes)

1/2 c butter
4 c confectioner’s sugar
3 T Cointreau
juice from 1 large lime

Blend all ingredients with a mixer and try not to eat the whole bowl. Double this if you want to do a lot of piping or if you are frosting more than 2 dozen cupcakes.

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Further bulletins as progress occurs on the cupcake front. There has been some knitting progress lately although it has been slow. I’m on the second sock of my second pair of Monkey socks, this time with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in ‘Foxy Lady’:

Monkey #2

Over and out for now…Today I am chipping away at the boxes and attempting to shore up courage to write. One thing at a time, right? Oh look, it’s tea time…maybe time for just one cupcake, too…


  1. Mercy, I love it when you get naughty with the cupcakes. These sound divine and that frosting? MERCY!
    You might try using the pure cranberry juice, plenty of ‘punch’ in that stuff… (I usually take a gallon jug, pour 16 oz of pure cranberry then fill the rest with water for cranwater, which while tart is very refreshing) the pure cranberry juice is just that, no sugar or anything else added to it. plus it would definitely give it your colour.
    Love the Monkeys, that colourway is very Autumn….and I’m yearning for a bit of cooling off…we’re still in the 90s(F)…
    I really would help you eat those cupcakes, promise.

  2. oooh ahhh oohh. mmmm Cosmo CUpcakes….It is so not fair not to get to try these…I *love* cosmos as well.

    As for te icing….I am doing that next time I ice anything (except kiddy stuff). I may have to make some plain old cupcakes just to try it out.

    Foxy Lady is a good name… a very good name indeed!

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Looks yummy!

  4. nothing wrong with cupcakes – you can never bake too many!!!!!

  5. Those cupcakes look great! I’m sure the icing is delicious, thanks for the recipe.

    I also am loving that “foxy lady” yarn — all the colours I’m into right now — and I’m not surprised at all that you’re knitting more Monkey! I’m almost done pair #3, and am thinking about more… (I’ve got to find another addictive sock pattern!)

  6. Yum! That looks fantastic — I love Cosmos. (I’m also very fond of Gimlets — Lime Cordial and Gin — any time you want to work up a recipe for Gimlet cupcakes! ;). Y’know, if you wanted to be really crazy, you could use Blue Curacao instead of Cointreau (very similar flavour, though not quite as good) and end up with bright blue icing! (Not particularly in the spirit of a Cosmo, but entertaining).

    It’s my birthday next week — I may well have to make some cupcakes for myself, I’ve been very tempted by all of yours. If you do perfect the cranberry cupcake base before then, I’d love to get it from you!

  7. Yummy looking cupcakes 🙂

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