I’m in ur Rhinebeck, fondling ur woolz

Well, I did it. I’ve been chatting about the idea with Rebecca for some time, and had been mentally revving up for The Plan…But today I went and booked the flight. All those Air Canada seat sale emails finally wore me down, what can I say.

Round about that time is likely when I’ll be sitting around fidgeting anyway, waiting for my draft to get read, and I figured, heck with it! This will give me something to look forward to. I guess I’ll finally get to see what all this Rhinebeck frenzy is all about. I have 2 months to prepare myself for the wool fumes…As far as making a ‘Rhinebeck sweater’, well, that might be harder. How about a ‘Rhinebeck pair of socks’ instead? 😉

Back to staring at my thesis file, I dutifully go…


  1. Wow…I dream of going to Rhinebeck…..and for sure it won’t happen this year…
    cupcakes….Rhinebeck….. charmed life…oh yeah, that paper, ok, never mind…

    I’m VERY happy for you!

  2. I’ve been considering going to Rhinebeck this year. I’m supposed to do reconnaissance (or is it just one “s”?) this year so the husband will go with me next year.

  3. that will be great! i won’t be able to go this year (a shame as it’s only 2 hrs from me!) but I’m hoping next year….

  4. Ooh how lovely to have something so fun to look forward to. I expect a full report with plenty of pics 🙂

  5. Sigh. Maybe some other time I’ll make it…

    But you TOTALLY deserve the break. Have fun! And check out the sheep dog trials; I was looking at the Rhinebeck website and found pictures of that. It looks fun.

  6. You are a smart cookie!..or should I say cupcake 🙂

    What a great “take my mind off the nervousness” idea! I am so bitter I cannot go. Next year…I will have to save my pennies and make some room in my stash allocated area. Gotta have goals!

  7. woo hoo! I’ll be there with the twins!

  8. I’ll be there, too! Love the LOLRhinebeck title… 😉

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