Apparently I’m not so much into “small”

The exception to this is, of course, any time I think I can represent progress to myself. I wrote 300 words this morning, thus earning myself a blogging reward. And a piece of chocolate. Also, my 2nd pair of Monkeys is progressing through concerted effort at a rate of about 5% per day, which is small but incremental, and I cling to that.


On the not-so-small front, I’ve been contemplating my recent stash explosion enhancement, as well as my mental “to-knit list” for this fall and winter. It’s a mix of things I’ve had in the queue for a little while and things I am now inspired to make thanks to the sales, but I will say that, um…it sure ain’t small. Apparently I do not roll on the accessory-knitting train:

  1. Moderne Log Cabin Blanket(pdf), from Mason-Dixon Knitting (Jamieson’s Chunky Shetland)
  2. Venezia Pullover, by Eunny Jang for Interweave Knits Fall 2006 (Knit Picks Palette)
  3. Ribby Cardi, by Bonnie Marie Burns (Knit Picks Swish Superwash)
  4. Clapotis, by Kate Gilbert for Knitty (Patons SWS)
  5. Ragna, from Viking Patterns for Knitting by Elspeth Lavold (Briggs & Little Tuffy)
  6. ‘Street Smart’ Urban Aran (Patons Shetland Chunky)

Heh. I’m nothing if not ambitious. Check back around December and we’ll see how many of these things I’ve actually completed. Or almost-completed. Or started. Or…cast-on. 😉

There’s more, of course, like some socks (oh, poor Clessidra, I still haven’t knit you yet and your yarn is waiting) and a lone hat will jump into the queue as a gift for a friend, but this really just confirms for me that my knitting brain defaults to sweaters or projects of similar requirements of time or yarn.


When I look at my FO list on the sidebar, the sweaters strongly rival the socks – and in fact they would outnumber the socks in combination with similar projects like sleeveless tops or my After Dark nightie. I love sweaters. I have always loved them. My 2nd project I knit was a sweater, thus forever killing any sweater fear and making me get a confused look on my face when I hear other knitters say how they’re still waiting to ‘work up’ to making sweaters. Sweaters are my favourite. In fact, even putting that Jamieson’s Chunky Shetland to use for a blanket is really being challenged by the deep corners of my brain that keeps saying “No no, what you really want is a nice two-tone raglan cardigan…”

Is this just me? Should I be re-training myself to love hats and mittens and loosely knit scarves? While I contemplate that I’ll just be over here hugging my yarn and thinking comforting sweatery thoughts. Mmmm, sweaters…


  1. Congrats on your ‘reward’ for the day! Those Monkeys are lovely!
    as is the rest of the yarn showing and the projects you have lined up…I keep dreaming of that Tangled Yoke cardi…
    Knit what you love and love what you knit….you love sweaters and knit them beautifully.

  2. No ‘retraining’ is necessary. Knit what you love, and you’ll love your knits!

    p.s. you’re totally coming over with cupcakes sometime, upon which I will lead you on the (tempting, dangerous, addictive) road to *making your own* stash!

  3. love your little reward… 🙂

    that is quite an ambitious list! but, they are all such great knits!

  4. I love sweaters. I love looking at sweaters. I love the thought of picking out yarn for sweaters, looking at patterns for sweaters, casting on for sweaters… And then completely abandoning the idea about sweaters, because I cannot seem to *finish* any sweaters. I knit accessories instead..

    Doesn’t stop me from attempting to knit sweaters or buying yarn for sweaters anyway. 😉

  5. I am a big fan of incremental rewards too…now if I could just get myself to actually do the work before I take the reward…works better that way.

    Ahhh, I am still amongst the ranks of those with sweater fear…. but I am about conquer my fear and embark on my first. Will keep you posted!

  6. I love that you are into sweaters. The thought of making custom-fit cabled sweaters is what got me into knitting in the first place (along with a generous friend who gave me tons of yarn). And I admit, I found your blog because of grumperina’s big “I don’t knit sweaters” post… I was looking for people who DID so that I could start reading them!

    Have not made a sweater yet, but I’ve only got two FOs to my name… and a sweater is the next thing that’s going on the needles. 🙂

  7. You knit so quickly that you’ll be through that list in no time I’m sure. You’ve got to go with the patterns that excite you I think.

  8. I think making lists and planning is half the fun of knitting anyway.

  9. There’s a Second Wave Clapotis KAL starting up on September 23 (1st day of Autumn), as well as a Ravelry Clapotis group…

  10. Your to do list looks exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing you get going on your Venezia.
    I don’t really get the sweater fear either. But then I don’t have any knitting fear, I just jump in at the deep end and figure it out as I go along.
    Perhaps the problem is a lack of easy, plain, fashionable (free?) patterns??

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