Now with 100% more cat.

Meet my new roommate, Beatrice:

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Her hobbies include napping, lolling around in the garden, chasing bugs, watching the backyard birdfeeder, keeping herself immaculately groomed, and purring like an outboard motor when seated on a human lap. Her dislikes include empty food dishes, the neighbouring orange cat who occasionally walks through the backyard, and the fact that her usual humans have left her for 6 months. So far she exhibits no strong feelings towards yarn one way or the other, but nonetheless I have procured some handy dandy IKEA storage to keep current projects shut tight (in a more attractive fashion than, say, a plastic bin).

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I’ve finally finished the re-locating process, and am now installed in a house-sitting gig until the new year. Beatrice comes with the house, and this is just fine with me. She has so far been accepting of my presence and decided my bed was worthy enough to sleep on last night. (I’m sure this feeling will be enhanced once autumn and winter creep in.) This morning, it was raining drearily when I got up, which irked me since i usually take Sunday morning for a nice long run. Beatrice made the effort to reschedule her backyard stalking to tomorrow and has since spent the day napping or watching squirrels from the back porch. I did go running eventually, but while the rain was on, what else was there to do but get the cupcake baking done? 😉

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These are plain old vanilla-vanilla. Sometimes simple is best, right? Right.
Now, about the rest of that Sunday afternoon…


  1. Ohhhh…. sooooooo fluuuuuuuffyyyyyy… *drool*

  2. Hello Beatrice :o) a lovely plus to your house sitting. She may not be bothered about yarn but how does she feel about those lovely cupcakes?

  3. Your new housemate is very cute! I always enjoy a new character in the ongoing knit blog drama!

  4. Hellooooo Beatrice…(love that name!) She’s a beauty…
    Cat…Cupcakes…your Sunday sounds heavenly to me :^)

  5. …er….I didn’t see anywhere in that post about…writing….

  6. cats and cupcakes!!! perfect! plain vanilla are so far from plain….

  7. Glad to hear you are settling in! Beatrice sounds quite lovely! Hope you two are happy together! 🙂

  8. Cat… cupcakes… rainy day… all you need is a good cup of tea, and things sound just about perfect! Glad to hear that you and she are settling in together well.

  9. i cannot wait to taste this batch!
    see you wednesday?

  10. Pretty Kitty!

    Yeah for storage! I never have enough of that.

  11. awwwwww!!!! it’s beez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am glad things are going well – great to see her in the blogosphere

  12. Oh…. More yummy cupcakes!! Do you need any taste testers?!

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