Not only am I a little perturbed that it is already Wednesday, but I am most distressed to discover that it almost the middle of September. I mean, I’m trying to make friends with September since, let’s face it, August was pretty sucktastic in case I haven’t mentioned it (stress of moving, anxiety over dissertation, rejection of several things, that sort of sums it up), but I somehow thought it would progress a bit more slowly than this. It’s fall, right? Fall is leisurely and soothing? Isn’t it? Quick! Start smelling the roses! Or, smelling the fall produce, as it were…The house-sitting house also comes with a weekly local vegetable box, and now I am in possession of not only several tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, and mushrooms, but two bunches of this:

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It’s mizuna, a Japanese green similar to mustard greens and which can be used relatively interchangeably with things like kale or swiss chard. Apparently this gets snuck into our salad mixes all the time, which means I must like it. This is the first time I’ve been presented with a bunch (or two) of it on its own. I am investigating stir-fry and stew recipes as we speak. Mizuna goodness shall be mine. (Then I will conquer the beet greens.)

My knitting this week is progressing slowly. I hope that one day soon I will be able to show you pictures of something besides this Moderne Log Cabin…but on the other hand, I am happy to report that the blanket does receive the seal of approval from Miss Beatrice the Cat:


She rolled around on it as if to say, ‘this is for me, yes?’ She also reports that, despite all visual evidence to the contrary, it is very, very, very hard work being a cat all day.

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I’m a little jealous. (But I am comforted by the knitting and the leafy greens.)


  1. wiscjennyann · ·

    Ooo, the log cabin is coming along swimmingly! Love the colors!

  2. Mmmm, a weekly local vegetable box? WOW. how lucky are you?!?!? YUM!
    That Beatrice, what a beauty! Looks like a fabulous place too!

    Log Cabin is soooo pretty!
    I agree, September is moving along much too fast, the temps finally broke here, the weather is glorious!

  3. Cats must have a thing for Log Cabin Blankets. Our Cat, Honey, kept trying to snuggle up on the Log Cabin Baby Blanket I finished last week to give as a gift. (Photographic evidence on my blog.)

  4. I got a few bunches of that with my CSA delivery – it’s quite tasty mixed into salad greens or stir fried (I did both!)

  5. I know what you mean. I can’t believe that September is nearly halfway over! Time is going by so quickly!

  6. I get a twitch every time I see the date, when did it stop being August, that one passed me by!

  7. It MUST be hard work being a cat – why else would they have to sleep for 16 hours a day?

  8. I can’t believe summer is over already!
    The cat is cute!

  9. I just love that your house sitting gig comes with veggies and an adorable cat! Beatrice seems to be the perfect photo-op hungry, yarn cat that I love to see on knit blogs…… and I can’t believe how chilly it is already- I didn’t know fall would come so fast…..

  10. Miss Beatrice is a doll! (Why do cats have to do that upside-down thing, where you just have to love them whatever?)

    Moderne Log Cabin blankie looks sooper – beautiful colours! And the stitches look so tidy using the same yarn throughout, compared to my mismatched-yarn squares!

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