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Having a weekly vegetable box to work with is, I am discovering, the opposite of how I am used to cooking. I generally come up with a few recipes to cook throughout the week, then buy the ingredients. This is the reverse – I am being given some key ingredients and then run off to figure out how to use them. I am also realizing that the best approach is to have a few staples on hand in the pantry and refrigerator and then plan for a shopping trip mid-week instead of on the weekend to get anything else that I need. This week, I had a lot of fun finding new recipes to work with.

For the mizuna, I used one bunch as a substitute for escarole in this recipe, which was YUM. Perfect on a chilly weekend like the one we’ve been having.

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The beets and beet greens were a different challenge, though. I see now that the default recipe for any green leaf vegetable besides lettuce is, “fry it up with bacon and garlic!” But since I knew I was doing that with one of the mizunas, I kept on lookin’. I found this recipe for beet green gratin from Alton Brown (I love you Alton! Call me!), which did not disappoint, particularly with the beets roasted up on the side.

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I also roasted up the acorn squash last night as part of dinner with friends, based on this recipe I found at Smitten Kitchen (that blog is fast becoming a must-read for me). It’s a really, really good way to eat a squash. The other head of mizuna found its way to this stir fry recipe which was also darned tasty. I’m eating as much as I can (woe, such a problem to have, right?), but I do think I’ll be getting into the habit of having people over for dinner more often or passing on a few of these to my sister who is close by.

But really, it’s just as well that I have this new deal of having a set of vegetables to work with every week, because my appetite has just skyrocketed the past couple of weeks. And then it occurred to me that, in the past month, I have:
a) switched my average rising time to 6-6:30am as opposed to the leisurely ::mumblemumble:: o’clock I was used to as a grad student living a short walk from campus
b) increased my running from 3 runs to 4 runs in a week
c) increased my long Sunday run to 50 minutes and now to 60 minutes
d) started using my bike as transportation for running errands.

Oh, right. THAT’s why I’m so hungry. Bring on the vegetables. (Um. And maybe some cupcakes too.)

Sept16 011

But lest ye think knitting content has forsaken this blog, I can report that I finally caved and cast on something new today. It’s the start of another Ribby Cardi, for me and with the faint hope of making it to the Rhinebeck wool festival in late October. Heh. It’s Swish Superwash from Knit Picks in the colourway ‘fired brick’, a brilliantly cheerful red which will be joined by sleeves knit in – wait for it – ballerina pink. I will surely not get lost in a crowd wearing this, right? All the more reason to bring it to Rhinebeck, so’s I don’t get lost from my partner in crime. And I’m all prepped to add length and various mods thanks to using this yarn the last time around.

In other news, Beatrice the cat has accepted me. And my lap. (She even lets me knit at the same time. I knew she had some intelligence about her.)

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Happy weekend!


  1. Glad to see Beatrice is a smart cat and that you have some nice new knitting to play with.

  2. Love the food pictures (especially when you post cupcakes!) and the color of your Ribby Cardi. And aww, kitty 🙂

  3. ohmygosh…food looks SO good! It’s nice to hear you’re going to share with Ms.M… :^)
    No WONDER you’ve been eating more, mercy you’re burning the calories!
    That’s really pretty yarn, the colour and no, don’t think you’ll get lost! Lucky you!
    That Beatrice…she’s just looking all sweet…

  4. isn’t it kind of neat being handed your veggies for the week and having to come up with recipes? I like it! I have an acorn squash also – thanks for that link!!!!

  5. This good food box seems like a great idea! I wondered about the oddity vegetables that may come in them, but you make it sound so easy my friend!

    Knit Picks yarn….you like, I see. Was wondering how it is to work with. Not being able to fondle it over the internet gave me pause. And what about laundrering? good? need to be careful? easy? I may give it a whirl after I get through a few stash-busting projects. I just enhanced my stash from Stashaholic’s stash sale…mostly utilitarian stuff but an interesting fall yarn in the mix. Will have to blog about it soon. Now that I have batteries for my battery-eating-pig-of-a-camera> 🙂

    I want a Beatrice!

  6. Beatrice is a cutie. Are you going to catnap her when the housesitting gig is over?

  7. Ribby cardi is looking great!
    I’m envious of your acorn squash, I love a good eating squash/pumpkin but they are really hard to find over here in the UK. I know a great pumpkin/squash lasagne recipe if you want it.
    Beetroot are really nice roasted and served with polenta. Or with couscous.

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