If it’s Wednesday it must be random

The geographer and the knitter in me are both piqued by this new development: KnitMap.

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It’s in beta-testing at the moment, but the gist of it is that this is an online yarn-store-finder, to help you answer those questions about, “I’m going to be a tourist in [insert city here] and I want to visit a yarn shop near [insert location], does anybody know where I should go?” I have to go do more checking out myself, but generally? I think this is all of the awesome. Yes, let’s have a global knitter’s map, please. Go sign up! Start registering your favourite yarn shops! Find yarn shops you never knew existed!

A little while back I signed up for the 2nd wave Clapotis knit-a-long, which “officially” starts September 24th. I’ve never made a Clapotis, but I’m convinced now that it’s worth a shot for the versatility and beauty. Mine will be knit in Patons SWS…just as soon as I can cast something off and make room for it 😉 Um, how fast can I finish that Log Cabin blanket?

In other news, today I feel like complete crud, nicely timed on the day I kept as a stay-in-Hamilton-and-write day. Do I have your permission, oh blogosphere, to lie on the couch and clutch my knitting and sip juice? Because I think that’s what I’m going to do. Bleah.

Oh yeah – apparently it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day again. Heh. Where be my yarrrrrn?


  1. You have my permission. I wish I could do that too. I think I am getting one of those end of summer colds……

  2. I love to know where yarrrrrrrrn shops are in towns I visit. http://indianhillmediaworks.typepad.com/pirates/

  3. Clutch and sip away – I’ve taken a day’s holiday tomorrow for that express purpose!

    Thanks for the link I’m off there now.

  4. Permission granted… although wouldn’t it be nice to come and sit and knit with the folks at Lettuce Knit? We miss you — and not just for the cupcakes 😉 No matter what you chose, I hope you have a great evening!

  5. You have permission.

    Why do I always miss Talk Like a Pirate Day?!

    Oohh – knitting tech…

  6. Yargh, me hearty… a day late, again.
    I hope you had your day on the couch with juice and knitting, you certainly would’ve had my permission.
    Hope you’re feeling better.

    I love the KnitMap thingie!!!!!

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