…is the sound of me wrestling with my willpower. I do not need more yarn. I do not need more yarn. I will soon be going to a place where there is no shortage of yarn. I’m fine, really. I should not use this as an opportunity to immediately start spending. I will resist. I will re…I will…um…RESIST. Yes, that is what I will do. ::cough::

I will also, however, make an attempt at heading out to my first non-Toronto knit night tonight, and go in search of Spun. Me and Burlington Transit, we’re gonna be like this. ::links fingers:: The transit time will also give me some knitting time, which will be just fine with me. I’m just about ready to cast off the back piece of the Ribby Cardi:


So far so good. It feels like it will fit comfortably – not too loose, not too tight, so I’m hoping that is indeed what I will get. Yardage might be tight, though. I have 8 balls of the Fired Brick and used 3 and 3/4 on the back, so here’s hoping there will be enough for the 2 front pieces and the buttonband in the end. Um. How fast can I knit on that bus ride tonight?

Someone else, I can see, is planning to nap the day away. (The little twerp. After waking me at 6am on the day I was supposed to get to sleep in.)


But I suppose I do need to get onto those errands, and this “work” that needs to “get done”, or whatever. Psh.


  1. S&W looks like so much fun! If it’s half as good as the MD festival, you are in for a treat! (and a wallet buster!)

    He looks so comfy in that chair…..the cardi is coming along – I love the solid red.

  2. 6am?!?!? Oh, how I WISH the Smooch would let me sleep until 6am!

    Ribby cardi is looking GOOD!
    Hang in there with the resisting bit… the fest is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  3. wiscjennyann · ·

    Oh so lucky!

    (RE: Parity) Lucky neighbors to the north!
    (RE: Cardi and Rhinebeck) Lucky you in particular! The sweater will look dashing against the reds and oranges of the Hudson Valley in fall!
    (RE: Naps) Lucky kitty! Only 10am and I’m ready for my nap…

  4. Resistance is futile… But we all make the attempt anyway…

    Looks like soo much fun. And the colour for the new sweater is lovely.

    If you make it Spun, you must feel the cermaic yarn and tell me what it is like!! Have fun!

  5. Glenna, you cannot possibly put the words ‘Beatrice cat’ and ‘twerp’ in the same sentence. Bea is just too beautiful and of too much character.

    And as far as stash enhancement goes, I think we are on two different planes. You increase, I decrease. You fret and worry, I die of smartypant-ness.

    ps Ribby cardie looks divine!

  6. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on S&W- and your restraint will be SO worth it. Think how guilt-free you’ll feel binging at the festival……

  7. Great mantra, but is it working 😉

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