Touch of Pink


I started the first sleeve of the Ribby this weekend, and if I can apply myself it’ll be done in the next day or so. (Re: button band yardage in the red – I think I’ll be OK. Am confident enough to go back to it post-sleeves.) This is where the element of risk comes in through the colour selection (self-inflicted since the pattern itself couldn’t be easier to follow). How will the pink work with the red? Is the pink pale enough? Is the red strong enough as a base colour? Is it all fun and bright in an antidote-to-winter sort of way, or brassy and kitschy in a Valentine’s-accessory-gone wrong sort of way?

This was my colour plan from the get-go, and you can be darned sure that I’ll be following through on it, although time will tell the bright vs. kitch factor I suppose šŸ˜‰ Either way, I’ll have no shortage of pink in hand for the sleeves. Of 6 balls, I’ve only just started the 2nd one and am almost finished the increases for on this sleeve. Can’t wait to get to the seaming stage, it’s getting closer and closer.

I managed to get the cupcake baking done in the early afternoon today, preparing for this Wednesday when I’ll finally get back to Lettuce Knit, and on the happy occasion of Emily‘s wee gal Clara’s first birthday (I guess this means she’s getting less wee). Mama requested something vanilla-based, but I did a batch of chocolate as well for me all me for other chocoholics in the crowd. If I can just work out the transport issues, we’ll be all good to go.

Beatrice has had a long hard day of waking me before dawn, stalking the backyard, and napping in her favourite chair, but declined to comment for the paparazzi. She’s lucky she’s cute. šŸ˜‰



  1. I think the pink and red are lovely together! Now, if you had something like, say, yellow thrown into the mix it’d be more kitschy, but pink is derived from red. Can’t go wrong with that šŸ™‚

  2. Maybe the button bands could be pink instead of red?

  3. Just don’t applique any felted hearts on the front, eh? (kidding…you don’t seem the type.)
    And for someone writing a dissertation, you knit fast!! (Yeah, a little envious over here).

  4. I’m a fan of that colour combo and am as ever impressed at the speed you rip through big porjects with.

    Am actually going to bake some cupcakes today myself – probably just plain vanilla though, not feeling the ebergy for anything more advanced, though maybe after I’ve eaten the first batch!

  5. I think you are spot on with the red (it looks deep and rich enough for sure) and pink (it’s a very pretty pink!)… Rhinebeck sweater, eh?
    Mmmm, those cupcakes look so YUM as usual!
    Aaah, Beatrice DOES make the before dawn wake up calls, I wonder… perhaps she and Smooch have been emailing each other? probably not a good thing…..

  6. I like the pink/red combo – the pink is light enough to balance the red……

  7. Pink and red is risky, but I think it’ll work out for you just fine! Can’t wait to eat the cupcakes see you on Wed.!

  8. I think the pink and red will work perfectly- it’s going to be gorgeous! Just tell me you aren’t going to use heart shaped buttons… šŸ˜‰

  9. Pink?! (There’s a suprise) :p

  10. I think the Ribby colour-combo looks rather sumptuous! Great with a pair of faded jeans.

    Oh, the cupcakes. Please don’t do this to me…

    And doesn’t puss look wonderfully coordinated with the chair cushion, the little sweetie?!

  11. I am so envious of two things – those cupcakes and that cat!! I miss having a pet around the house after we recently had to put down our dog, but a cat really doesn’t need to be walked or anything like a dog.. and don’t even get me started on guinea pigs (freak a** little rodents o_o). Besides, cats provide hours of free entertainment!

    And as for the cupcakes.. Well. Mmm. Need I say more? šŸ˜›

  12. Ribby looks great and I agree that the red and pink are fine. Those cakes you make are gorgeous, I have just spent a good few minutes drooling over them on your blog, not good when I am starving and waiting to cook tea! Thank you for your comment on Venezia, I need to pick it up again after a break!

  13. Ribby looks good! About that WIP thing… it’s one thing to not have an FO to post for a while, but at least you are making serious headway! Plus, we readers are distracted by the cupcakes. I think I need to start posting cookies.

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