October 12 of 12

I have much to blog about – knitting continues and I have projects new, old, and in between who are screaming at me to tell you about them. But they have to wait a little bit longer, because yesterday I took the day to try out a new blogging fodder exercise – the 12 of 12. My friend Liz does this often, and for months I’d been telling myself I was going to try it, but I would never remember it on the actual day of the 12th of the month. It was pretty darned neat, I’ll tell ya. Ever try to photo-document your day in 12 photos? Well, here’s my first attempt.

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#1 – 9:45am in Toronto Union Station. I came in from Hamilton on Thursday and Friday this week. (I was up around 7:00am but just didn’t manage to get the camera going much earlier than this shot.) For weeks and weeks Union Station has been plastered with ads for shows on the Canadian station CTV, and on the subway (TTC) side of Union there are ads all over the place for ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ (personally I prefer ‘Pushing Daisies, but that much was obvious in my last post 😉 ), and this included the floor in the main foot traffic area. Also, I love my new mary janes and this was my first day wearing my own knitted socks – we’re down to overnight lows below 5C this week and daytime highs in the low teens.

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#2 – 10:15 on campus. This is my friend E, proudly showing off the beginning of her first Clapotis. We decided to work on them together. She’s a relatively new knitter and I’ve gone with her a couple of times to Romni Wools in Toronto to help pick out yarn. In this case, it’s Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, and we found exactly the right # of skeins for her in this nice heathery rusty red. It suits her well, as will the scarf. I’m doing mine in boring old Patons SWS 😉

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#3 – 11:00am on campus, attempting Actual Thesis Writing. About a half an hour after this photo, some crazy cardiac arrest happened when I tried to save the file, it got corrupted, and I lost all the work I’d done in the last 24 hours. Not so much with the fun. I had a slightly older version of the file. But still, 24 hours of writing needs to get recreated, yanno? Boo-urns.

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#4 – 2:10pm after a staff meeting at my campus office. I brought peanut butter cupcakes to share and they were nummy nums. I figured a 2-hour lunch meeting required cupcakes. (Well, but just about any occasion does, really.) One of the guys asked me how much I charge for cupcake services.

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#5 – 3:55pm in the Robarts Library cafeteria. This is my friend/co-worker K, as we meet to talk about the seminar we’re giving next week. She’d just been to Starbucks and had a wearying encounter with the staff member who did not believe the price of the Nanaimo bars on sale in the pastry display. We were both feeling the Friday fatigue.

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#6 – 5:05pm Leaving campus, walking up St. George to the subway. In the opposite direction I would have had a shot of the CN Tower (much more visibly Torontonian), but I liked the clouds here behind the Bata Shoe Museum.

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#7 – 5:20pm, waiting in Union Station to find the track information for my train. It’s pretty impressive how these screens turn thousands of intelligent and mild-mannered adults into Pavlovian subjects, just waiting and watching the screen, waiting and watching the screen…Then when a new track number comes up, the crowd moves as one and you MUST MOVE NOW to get to your train and (hopefully) a seat.

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#8 – 6:45pm, almost home, coming around Cootes Paradise in Hamilton. Inexplicably, 5 minutes before the station, we had to wait and wait because of some delay. Me = tired, irritable, and frustrated about not being home yet.

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#9 – 7:10pm, giving Miss Beatrice her dindins. (Sound effects: chompsnorflechompchompchewsnortpurrchomp)

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#10 – 8:05pm, at my friend Trevor’s place. Well, actually, at his parents’ place. He’s there temporarily and is alone for the weekend and had me and my sister (pictured) over for dinner, and we reclined with our knitting over a bit of cheese and olives. Here, Martha works on her Icarus shawl, which is wearing on her because she’s had to go back several times to rip out an inch or two. Then last night she realized that the reason she’d been having problems was because she’d mis-read an instruction about when to start the feathers. 😉

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#11 – 9:00pm, having dinner. The food was good but the conversation was better. We laughed so much our stomachs hurt.

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#12 – 11:45pm, watching ‘Mean Girls’ with pie and tea. Enjoyable once again. Oh, but Lindsay Lohan, how you have changed since your early days…What ever happened to being OK with yourself and not giving into peer pressure? Le sigh.

And lastly, a bonus photo #13:

(the bonus photo was supposed to be about ‘orange’ this time – in Trevor’s house everything had this sort of orange-ish glow from the candles and wood…does that still count? not sure, but I liked this anyway)

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9:00-ish – at dinner, Martha chair-dances as we listen to the radio with all the past 90s hits of earlier days. We reminisce and join in the chair-dancing. (It may have been ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ or something of that ilk).

And there you have it folks, my first 12 of 12. How’d I do?

More knitting content next time, or may the cupcakes attack me. 😉 Happy Saturday!


  1. “One of the guys asked me how much I charge for cupcake services.”

    I did a double-take reading that sentence – I totally didn’t see ‘cupcake’ the first time I read it. 😛

    I think you did pretty well on your first 12 of 12. 😀 It’s a really good idea! Love that last picture of your sister! Dancing to the radio is the best. 😉

  2. You did well – welcome to 12 of 12!

    Helen, 12 of 12er, Devon

  3. I think you did a great 12! Welcome!

    Shoe museum, huh? That would certainly feed my fetish! Love the picture of your sister groovin’!

  4. Hummm the peanut butter cupcakes looked hummm !!!

    and i love those ads on Toronto Union Station that looks like an awesome idea !

  5. That’s was fantastic! Looks like a great day. I might have to steal this idea sometime! And I totally agree with you about those Union station jumbotrons- must…obey….stripey…. screen……..

  6. We watched ‘Dirty,Sexy Money’ the first night, wasn’t impressed at all…have been missing my favourites but hopefully that is soon to change…

    Glenna….DUDE!…. the 12 of 12… I think you did a fantastic job with it…..seriously, I am very impressed.
    Those ‘cat-eating’ sounds… you got those right! hee.

    That’s a pretty hard toss up there at the end though, I’ve never been attacked by cupcakes and believe me I’d be sorely tempted if they were some you baked :^)

  7. Genius idea! I must try this some time…. hmm.

  8. This is great – the first time I’ve seen a 12 of 12 – yum yum to the cupcakes :o)

  9. Awesome shots! 🙂

  10. what a neat idea! loooooove those cupcakes!

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