Ready for Rhinebeck

My Ribby Cardi is finished, hurrah! Here I am, slightly blurry, with the finished product:


I like the colours, it’s very comfortable, and I’m glad I did the ribbed buttonband once again. Only problem? I am 100% sure that I should have knitted a smaller size, likely the 38/39 size and not the 40/41 size. I think it’s pretty obvious it’s a size too big, which is a bit of a bummer since, don’t we all try to knit things that fit?

When I made this sweater last fall for my supervisor I made the 38/39 size and when I tried it on, it fit just a bit too snug for my own tastes, particularly around the shoulders. I chalked this up to slightly smaller gauge in both stitch and rows. My gauge hasn’t changed. When I tried this one on pre-washing it fit very nicely, but then after washing it seemed to floof out again, returning to its intended state and making me look like a dummo knitter who can’t even pick the right size, geez Louise! ::hangs head in shame::

Oh well. I will happily wear my mistake. It’s warm and comfy and I made it for ME, and darn it all I like it anyway. And in any case, it’s going to help ID me next week at the Rhinebeck wool festival in New York, for I am a happy participant in Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo.

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I wanted to sign up for this so that I would get myself out of my stupid habit of coming down with the Shy Quivers when faced with large groups of new people, and actually get out and meet new friends instead of focussing only on the yarn and spending $$ part. πŸ˜‰ I’m a square (Saturday) and a player – hey, I figured if I was going to go around stalking and accosting Rhinebeck people, then they should have the right to stalk and accost me back πŸ˜‰ And apparently there are prize draws, so I call that a win win all around.

Another thing I did this weekend will help me out with the Rhinebeck experience. I spun for the first time.


Kate visited this weekend and did not do the typical houseguest thing and show up with, oh, a plate of cookies, or a bottle of wine, or any of these mundane things, but brought me a handmade drop spindle and a length of pink (she knows me well) roving. After dinner she showed me how to use the drop spindle (happily spinning away on her own bit of bright turquoise Louet roving), and before I knew it I was well on my way to the contents of the picture above. We joked that it looked not unlike spun candy floss.


(Kate is 3/4 done with a pretty bitchin’ shawl, by the way.)

I’m definitely still getting the hang of it, but generally I like it. My biggest problem is pulling (“drafting”?) the fibre too thin as I drop and spin, and then it breaks and I have to reattach it, and then I end up with a lumpy bumpy part in the attempt to reattach it. Still, cool. (Dude! Did you know you can make your own yarn? What won’t those crazy kids think up next!)

And now I know what the heck one does with those sticks with pucks on the end, and the fuzzy stuff that comes in little bags. I don’t know how fast I want to dive into this whole new part of the fibre world (Warning. Warning. New Fibre Obsession in Range), but I’m at least comfortable knowing what I’m looking that and I can check out the Rhinebeck stalls for something new and interesting. (Genuinely, there is nothing in the yarn area that I actually need – not that that’s stopped me before – but it is true that I can’t just walk down the street and buy a drop spindle. Thank you Rhinebeck.)

Can’t wait for the weekend! Just gotta get some actual “work” done before then and I’ll be feelin’ fine.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the cardi! I think it looks fabulous on you and ok, it’s a bit roomy but not THAT much, right? It’s Gorgeous, get that chin back up and be proud of that little stunner!

    Dang… sure wish I could’ve gotten a little ‘Flat Marianne’ for you to take next weekend… be sure to tell Norma ‘Hi’, I hope you get to meet her… she’s ‘nownormaknits2′ maybe typepad? Do you know of her?

    ….now get snappin’ with that work you need to do…..! :^)

  2. For heaven’s sake… sheesh…

    Look at you! you’re making YARN! That fibre is SO pretty, what a lovely shade of pink… good going!

  3. The cardi looks great! Glad that you’ve had your first taste of yarnmaking. And so it begins…. πŸ™‚

  4. Cute cardi! Someday I might take pictures of my first sweater, oh dear lord is it ever awful on me. Yours is excellent, as long as it’s comfy, then you’re okay!

  5. The cardi looks lovely! I’m actually still working on my first sweater.. IVY! πŸ˜€ It’s been forever since I started but I’m still having fun knitting it when I can.. this biology major thing is really cutting into my knitting time 😦

    Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  6. Lovely cardie, Glenna – those shades really do suit you!

    Such a drag about the sizing, isn’t it, when you’ve done all the usual checks, and it’s a bit big… I’ve now vowed to never knit me a size that has a number 4 in it any more that seems to be working pretty well!

    And well done with the spinning! I’m still not enticed quite enough to have a go…..

  7. I like the colour combination for your cardigan, and from the picture I wouldn’t say it looks too big at all – of course, if it’s meant to be a fitted cardigan, then yeah πŸ˜‰ but I think it looks really comfortable!

    Have fun at Rhinebeck. πŸ™‚ I wish I could go too! But I’d spend so much on plane tickets that there would be no yarn money and then… well, what’s the point? πŸ˜›

  8. the cardi looks awesome and the size will actually be perfect for layering.

    and last year was my first attempt at using a drop spindle. while i’m still only so-so at it, i’m already thinking of moving up to a spinning wheel.

    good thing there’s room in the minivan i rented!!!

    and you are coming here on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. the cardi came out great! maybe another blocking to shrink it down? it doesn’t look overly big….

    have fun at Rhinebeck!

  10. Have fun at Rhinebeck!

    The cardi looks great, boo for yarn that behaves differently than last time… maybe it’ll still shrink a little…

  11. Cardi looks fab if a little bit roomy. It will be great for layering in the real cold. I nearly bought a drop spindle when I was away recently, but decided on jamieson’s ultra laceweight instead. It was a close call though!

  12. Your cardi is lovely! Well done on the spinning, I tried once but decided there just weren’t enough hours in the day for another hobby, oh and I was rubbish at it!!!

  13. Daughter Havala stopped by on her way home from work and I showed her your blog, the cardi, the cupcakes, a few of my favourite posts :^)…. dang, that girl didn’t know what to drool over first… she loves the cardi BIG TIME and was most inspired with all the cupcakes and your cooking.

  14. Great cardi! I will look for you this weekend!

  15. I love the cardi! Good colour choices, and the fit looks nice and comfy. :0)

  16. thanks for the well wishes.

    i hope to see you at rhinebeck. i will be there early saturday morning!

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