Oh noes.

I ordered my Blogger Bingo buttons from Cafe Press over 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t gotten here. Frakkity frak, people, I hop a plane on Friday morning!*

Also, I have the ennui. The knitting ennui. I suppose this is understandable, given that I just finished a sweater. But oh, the knitting ennui is not what I want to have going into a Rhinebeck weekend.

But more sad than all of this…It is entirely possible that I have just ruined a perfectly good sweater.

Oct17 004

I washed my Twist cardi in the machine on delicate cycle, as I often do. In the past, this has worked out just fine. The trick on this occasion in particular is that a) it was a different machine than normal, and b) I used a different soap than I normally do.

Why oh why didn’t I wash it by hand? Why oh why didn’t I make the effort to find wherever the hell I put that bottle of Soak wool wash after the move? Why oh why did I use an oh-so-feltable yarn like Elann Highland Wool for this sweater in the first place? ::sob sob::

I’m attempting an aggressive wet-block, but really…this sweater will never be the same again.

The good news is that Bonne Marie has released an updated version of the pattern (with hood and everything), and that this one has indeed given me 2 years of wear, so if I re-knit it again that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever…But still. Ruining a sweater is not so much with the fun.

So in sum of my knitting life, as evidenced by my recent activity: insecure, lethargic, possibly no longer able to make things that fit, and not to be trusted around washing wool garments. I hope Rhinebeck will make me a smarter knitter again. One can only hope, right?

*And if anyone wanted to think good thoughts for me early Friday morning as I attempt to land in Montreal, go through US customs, and transfer me and my luggage to a different plane to NYC in 55 minutes or less, that’d be super super awesome.


  1. Oh noes! I hope the blocking does the trick.

    I can totally sympathize with the knitting ennui. Maybe there’s something in the air? I’ve been in a knitting funk for a week.

    Best of luck getting to Rhinebeck! I will hopefully by then also be in the land of our Southern neighbours (though not, sadly, at a fibre festival) — here’s hoping customs are kind!

  2. Sob sob – so sorry for the sweater but I looove your new cardi.

    Have a great time at Rhinebeck – sending good airport vibes

  3. The poor sweater 😦 I hate those, “Why did I just do that?” moments. Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  4. I will totally think good thoughts for you. I am super jealous of everyone going. Is it wrong to hope that your flight gets cancelled Friday and oops you just have to catch the metro-north to go to Rhinebeck instead? It is KILLING ME that I have to be away the one weekend when there is an awesome fiber festival practically in my backyard.

  5. Oh, the agony! I hope the agressive wet blocking helps. I’ve done that to a beloved sweater before, it’s an exercise in tragedy. But knitting ennui?! That’s terrible! Maybe that will help control some yarn purcashing at Rhinebeck?! I’m just trying to look on the bright side…. I can’t wait to see the post-Rhinebeck posts!

    And who knows, maybe Rhinebeck will cure the ennui.

  6. You are DEFINITELY getting good thoughts from me early Friday morning! and just ‘whenever’.
    …..ooooh…littlegrumbles….. drat it all about the sweater…. that really hurts….but hey… Rhinebeck is calling your name… :^)

  7. 😦 It was a great sweater!

    I’ll think good thoughts for you!!

  8. Elann highland wool does indeed seem to felt at the scent of water in my home.

  9. Oh dear what a shame. Perhaps your felted sweater could be re-born as a great bag?

  10. Oh no, poor sweater. Well look on the bright side, it will be nice to choose new yarn for another one! Best of luck for the airport transfer, I think you are going to need it!

  11. ugh, i’m so sorry to read this. you’ve had a tough week.

    i think rhinebeck will be exactly what you need. the weather, the autumn leaves, the cute animals, the yarn, and being around all those knitters. my friends and i all left rhinebeck feeling excited and inspired and in such a good mood.

    ps – good luck in customs and if you see me — PLEASE say hello! i’ll do the same 🙂

  12. Oh that’s horrible. 😦 I’m sorry your sweater’s broken! I hate when that happens… I hope you pick up some lovely wool at Rhinebeck (SO jealous!) so you can make a new one. 🙂

    Today I just found the first sweater I’ve EVER made (the only one, too, but nevertheless) and never worn. Hadn’t even woven the ends in, because it’s bulky and for some reason I didn’t think about how a bulky sweater (that wasn’t particularly fitted) would look on a tiny body like mine. So it sat for almost a year until today, when I finally cleaned out my stash, and thought… well, it doesn’t look so bad anymore! Still bulky, but … wearable. More or less. At home, in any case. 😉

    Man, I wish I could go to Rhinebeck. Please buy lots of yarn. 😀

  13. Oh, boo!! It’s a perfect excuse to knit another sweater for yourself, right? (though I can see how anyone who lives in Canada doesn’t need much of an excuse for lots of sweaters!)
    Have fun at Rhinebeck. I’ve never been, but it seems the kind of event that can be very inspiring.

  14. Oh no! I *tried* to felt something not too long ago in my machine and I couldn’t get it to felt at all (front loader). So when one of my hand wash only wool socks was put in the wash by Annie (my shih-tzu — and yes she really does pick up after me) I didn’t worry too much. It will now fit a 3 year old. *sigh*

    On the other hand, the new Twist is gorgeous. I wish I’d waited to buy my pattern.

  15. The ennui is in the air… I’m sorry you’ve caught it, too! I’m having a bit of a renaissance this past week but in general, knitting doesn’t feel quite the same. No desire to learn anything or pick up new skills. I hope you have fun, though, and if you re-knit Twist I might just have to join you! The temptation of creating a KAL has just hit me…

  16. Yikes on the sweater, but I’ve always had great good fortune in the MTL airport, and I wish the same for you.

  17. Oh dear, that’s tragic! I mean, you know, it’s not THAT bad. I’d be distressed too. Can’t wait for your Rhinebeck post! It was awesome to meet you! Especially over sock heels- how silly.

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