Monday who?

I’m having the sort of morning where I feel like pouting under the covers and watching DVDs, just to spite the world. (I won’t, but I can keep the fantasy alive.) It’s not that I’m sick, or feeling particularly knitterly or particularly tired. Monday just came too soon this week. Also, I put too much pepper on my boiled egg and now I keep sneezing.

But in the meanwhile there is much to blog about! Julie tagged me on a meme and I must answer for it with 8 random things about me. I am still thinking about that, though. 8 things is a challenge. (And how will I know if they are random enough? Will someone come along with a Random-O-Meter and test me?) I also have some new books for review, and I want to get to at least one of them this week.

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But first I must report that I went to a totally awesome knitting birthday party yesterday, for Ladylungdoc. She invited pals down to Alterknit knitting cafe for knitting and treats and it was tres fun, particularly since I’d never managed to make it to Alterknit when I was actually a resident of Toronto. Long live the knitting cafe! Sure, we can all go down to our nearest [Insert Coffee & Beverage Chain here] and knit and drink something, but will that place surround you with people who will give you sympathy and knowing glances when you say things like, “yeah, I’ve got this garter stitch blanket that I’m working on but it’s sort of started to eat my soul…”

I worked on my Endpaper Mitts, which are thankfully not eating my soul.

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There was also Sandi, Jacquie, Alison, Michelle, Sophia, Martina, Peggy, Susan (whose blogs I don’t know yet), and I hope I haven’t missed anyone. And there were goodies to munch upon, including the best idea ever – milk and cookie shooters.

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They were delicious.

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Thanks for having a birthday, Lisa!

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  1. what a fun time – the shooters are a great idea!

  2. Sounds like a good time!

  3. What a great time! Sadly we don’t have a knitting cafe here.
    Those mitts are Gorgeous! and I’m so glad they’re not eating your soul but oh dang… the blankie…

  4. Love the shooters!!

  5. Milk and cookie shooters- that sounds delish!!

  6. Mondays can be tough but I’m glad you had such a fun weekend. The mitts are looking good.

  7. Your endpapers are looking fab! Mine are still in the naughty corner waiting for me to have the nerve to frog/graft.

  8. I must say, your endpapers are looking great! I’ve always wanted to try fair isle with that pattern. They look like they might match those Inferno Legwarmers. 🙂

  9. Sounds like so much fun… and the cookies look yummy.

    Your new endpaper mitts look amazing! What a great colour combination.

  10. LOVE your endpaper mitts. I want to make some.. On my ravelry list!

  11. I would love to have a local knitting cafe! I fantasise about setting one up but it is only a dream …!

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