8 Steps of Random

Julie tagged me on a meme last week, and the rules are these: Give 8 random facts about yourself, then tag 8 more people to do the same thing. Here we go!

1. A while back I cleaned out an aged Altoids tin and started carrying it around in my purse as a knitting notions kit – it holds tapestry needles, stitch holders, cable needles, even a tape measure. But now that I do more bussing and cycling, I divide my travel knitting between a couple of different bags/backpacks, so I am on the hunt for more such things. For some reason Altoids and their ilk are more readily available in the U.S., so I went on the hunt for similar items while in New York last week. (Below: Hershey mini “truffle” chocolates; and Altoids gum)

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2. I have an inexplicable fascination and fondness for the W newtork show Rescue Mediums, and was totally miffed when they moved it to Fridays at 11pm instead of Fridays at 8pm or whenever it was. I have absolutely no desire to debate over whether the show is real or not, I just think it’s fun and I like the happy endings with the homeowners. Also, they film in Ontario and often hit small towns that I’m familiar with.

3. Even though I like clothes and like looking slightly dressed up, I am not a very good shopper and have gotten into a possibly-too-comfortable graduate student routine of wearing jeans and sweaters most days. Also, I have size 11 feet and shoe shopping is never, ever, EVER a fun experience. Most of the time size 11 doesn’t even exist in the styles that I want and I get exhausted and frustrated just thinking about it.

4. In my fantasy life in my head, I write mystery novels and knit and own a yarn shop.

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(This is the current progress on my Log Cabin blanket. I’m finally on to the 8th panel and then will begin the loooooonnnnnnggg 2-colour 9th panel that turns the whole thing into a rectangle.)

5. I can speak German fluently, or at least I could – 10 years ago I lived in Freiburg, Germany, on a study abroad year and could speak well enough that no one assumed I was Canadian. I’d like to go back some time.

6. I am chronically single.

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(I know the truth. Beatrice just wants me for my warm spot.)

7. If it wasn’t for knitting podcasts, I probably wouldn’t get out for jogging/exercising. In fact, I got behind on Stash and Burn episodes earlier this month because I was a lazy slacker and didn’t go running for 2 weeks. I need more podcasts.

8. I stash chocolate. This is nowhere near a rival for my yarn stash, of course, but I always like to have some around, preferably something dark. If there is a room that I spend time in on a daily basis, there is probably some chocolate in it. In fact, there is some in my purse right now. Whenever I’m in the U.S. I look for things like Special Dark Hershey’s Kisses, or dark chocolate M&Ms, or Trader Joe’s chocolate, that we can’t get up here. I particularly like the Hershey’s Kisses because you can just have two or three. I don’t need a whole chocolate bar every day, just a wee bit of chocolatey goodness with my tea πŸ™‚

Ta-da! I hope that was suitably random and interesting at the same time.

To pay this forward as I am meant to do, I tag Elinor, Susan, Risa, Em, Martha, Pam, Petra, and Liz.


  1. hi glenna: i was wondering if you could tell me how the pod casts work. what kind of player do you need? can i view them on-line? also, i am a chocolate and tea lover too. i live ih philadelphia, pa. i you want, i can send you some chocolate. that would not be a problem. let me know and we could set something up. mary

  2. Interesting. Somehow I expected you to be a little more … um …peculiar. heheheeh

  3. Do you do podcasts on iTunes? I’ve got several knitting podcasts that I listen to in the car. (Yes, I know I should listen to them on the treadmill….)
    KnitPicks has a podcast. Then there’s The Knitgrrl Show and A Very Palpable Knit.
    Also, Vickie Howell is starting a podcast on (I think) Nov. 1st.


  4. Re: #2 — that’s one of my husband’s favourite shows. Ever. I do like watching it to see if I’ve ever been to the Ontario towns, too.

    Re: #7 — Hmm… I do not jog, but perhaps some knitting knowledge would be incentive to get me back on an elliptical machine every now and then. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I carry measuring tape on my purse, too. You never know when you see a store bought sweater that you need to take some notes on! And….. Single Girls Unite! I go on a ton of dates, but most of them are a distant second to a quiet night in with my knitting and the TV. And I don’t go on 2nd or 3rd dates if, at any point during the date, I tune out his conversation to think about my knitting.

    It’s pretty bad when the men can’t compete with the knitting……

  6. I can send you chocolates from the U.S. if you really need a fix! πŸ™‚ Halloween is here and it’s EVERYWHERE.

    And #6? I empathize on that one. omg. Maybe I should get a cat to snuggle with me. hehe.

  7. Woohoo! My first knitting tag. I’m a little too excited. Will get to it later tonight, hopefully.

  8. Oh dear, you have made me chuckle! Especially, I absolutely love no. 4! Number 6 might not be chuckle-worthy to you, but it’s slightly on my own wish-list!

    Log Cabin is looking brilliant!

  9. #1 – Don’t you just love stuff you can put your stuff in?

    #3 – Try size 5 feet! It’s the limbo of the shoe world. Not only do most shoe stores not carry that size, most makers don’t MAKE that size! The salvation? MONTREAL! I was recently able to find 3…that’s right THREE pairs of shoes. Un.heard.of. Also, I highly recommend Montreal shoe makers (there are 2 that come to One of a Kind) who will make you shoes to exactly fit your foot…AND you get to choose the colours and style! Not too much off the track of good shoe prices and they last and last.

    #5 – I’ve been to Freiberg! I was 16 and remember nothing.

  10. Solution for size 11 feet:

    1. Go to a large city.

    2. March into the largest department store around.

    3. Demand that they display everything they have in size 11s.

    4. If you are feeling daring, specify such things as “black” or “closed-toed” or “heels.”

    5. They will be incredulous (“All of one size?”) until they realize that they only have five pairs to show you.

    6. Select one pair or two.

    7. Repeat every year or two years as needed.

  11. Strangely my fanstasy life occupations mirror yours!

  12. Heh… Sarah is so funny, well, actually … same here… and it doesn’t seem strange at all….
    #1… I do that too, collect little tins to use.. and of course, #8… my daughter is trying to figure out where all the little stashes are now that we’re in a different house…. I can have chocolate for a good long time, nibbling on it when I need that ‘fix’… Bobby on the other hand, if he only knew where it all was? would have it gone within 2 hours. All of it. He’d be sick but it would be all gone….. he doesn’t know I stash it… and I’m not telling.

  13. Oh geez. Thanks, Glenna! πŸ˜‰ I imagine the sock knitting isn’t too much fun with size 11 feet! Oh well. You can make fancy socks to compensate for the lack of diversity in shoe options!

  14. Size 11 shoe wearers of the world unite! I always grumble that cross dressers must have bigger feet than me and they have to buy shoes somewhere!!!! I also like to stash chocolate but simply only so that my kids don’t get to it before I do! I do not have enough self control to only nibble on a kiss or two with my tea however!

    (PS Did you find a knit night in the Hamilton area?)

  15. I only ever find Altoids (aka tins) in strange places here, like at Chapters… I also find Sucrettes tins work well (but admittedly are not as much fun to empty as chocolates would be…)

    My fantasy person does not write mysteries, but she will very happily read yours and wants to come over to the shop and knit.

    I seem to be with you on #6. I think I’m invisible to the opposite sex – unless of course I’m wearing a super low Vneck… while I swear my best friend has some kind of weird man attracking pheremones.

    mmmmm… chocolate…. I am a very bad girl and usually only stash candy and chocolate in my carrel… not that it lasts long…

  16. Oops, just saw this. I’ve done this one a couple times but since I’m a complete headcase I can easily come up with 8 more. πŸ˜‰

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