Monthly Archives: October 2007


(Yum.) My next post will be a Finished Object post, with cupcakes as my witness. I must thank you all for the lovely comments. Also, I find it extremely comforting that when I expressed concern about becoming a hermit lady who holes up with her yarn and tea and cackles to herself, many of you […]

Inching along

The trouble with insecurity (wait, there’s just one?) is that it starts with one thing and then quickly spills out over into the rest of your life. For my psyche, it’s a short trip from the formidable obstacle of my dissertation and all accompanying fretting (what if it all sucks? What if I’m not cut […]

Wednesday random

This sock pattern is making me look at the striping yarn in my stash with interest and relief. Kitty cat now helps me check email in the morning. There is a cupcake roundup challenge afoot, and I have plans. And I now have accumulated an eggplant, 2 red peppers, 2 3 watermelons, a bunch of […]