Small victories

Hey, did you know that when you cast on for small knitting projects, you can finish them a lot faster than when you cast on for big projects? Apparently I’d forgotten about that.


I finished the Endpaper Mitts last week and they have since taken up residence in my coat pockets. Then I promptly cast on for the Little Gems Mitts from the Holiday Interweave Knits over the weekend (with Knit Picks Gloss fingering weight and some leftover Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in ‘Foxy Lady’). I’m a few woven-in ends away from being able wear these, too, although our stupid weather this season seems to be skipping right past the moderate fall in-between-ness and I might need to make a direct route for the mittens, gloves and hats. If I can find them. Maybe I’ll need to knit some more of those, too.


Sock knitting notwithstanding, I tend to forget about the extremities. I get caught up with the sweater knitting or with other big projects (aka the garter stitch blanket which although beautiful continues to eat my soul) and then forget that it is in fact possible to start a project and finish it in a matter of days and not weeks or months. And that this is not only possible but very, very desirable.

Come to think of it, I’ve even started to neglect the sock knitting lately. The madness has got to stop. Hats shall be mine. Socks too, once again. Maybe even some leg warmers if I get crazy. Just as long as I get in the writing first, the bait will be there.

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Miss Beatrice the cat has been most helpful. She patiently sniffs each new book or stack of paper that materializes around my desk in these final stages of writing and desperately trying to cobble together my chapters and then looks around as if to say, “nice to sniff at, but not so much what I’m looking for in a nap time location,” then proceeds to fall into a deep 3-hour nap a few feet away from where I am typing. Not that I’m jealous, uh, or anything like that. ::cough::

Small victories, small victories…

P.S. I am so pleased and a little bit dizzy over the response to Basic Black. Thank you all so much. I hope you like it. The comments have given me a much needed boost and I hope not to neglect my design notebook for too much longer.


  1. Amazing how little projects can be finished so much faster. I tend to forget that little lesson as well. Not to mention neglecting the hands and head while favoring the feet! I’d better get on making the kids their hats and mittens for this year.

    Basic Black is beautiful.

  2. wiscjennyann · ·

    Indeed– huzzah for small projects! I need to remind myself of that next year as to avoid casting on hugely complicated lace projects as holiday gifts! Love both pairs of mitts!

  3. I still haven’t gotten my hands on the IW Holiday Knits… drats, I haven’t even SEEN it at the lys… double drats.
    Your Endpaper Mitts are gorgeous as are the Little Gems..
    So nice having a helpful moggie around now, eh? Does she sleep through the night well? (after that nap?) Smooch is not as considerate as she could be… but perhaps when it gets really cold out she’ll reconsider waking me at 2am…

  4. I’m a third year student from Ottawa in crazy November exam & paper madness right now. I know you’ve probably mentioned it before, but I must have missed it and I’m curious – what exactly are you studying?

  5. *does dance of thesis writing encouragement*

    The cardigan looks lovely – I think at some point in the (increasingly near future) I shall do a Year of Glenna kal and get caught up on all the designs I’m not keeping up with as they come out…

  6. the rachface · ·

    Congrats on the Basic Black, it just may be the first sweater I attempt for myself that will fit. Love it! And love all your mitts, but don’t let your socks fall by the wayside! Feets are important to keep warm.

  7. Love the little knits – small victories!!! Plus, it’s nice to have a warm head and hands! 🙂

  8. Glad you’re enjoying the small again; I certainly like the mix of short and long term knitting projects – it’s when the small turn into the long term projects that I’m not so happy!

  9. I’m on a fingerless mitts kick too! it really is amazing how fast they knit up, eh? If only your thesis could go so fast! Best of luck.

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