November 12 of 12

I owe a few blogging things – FOs for one, and some pattern errata for the Brennan Cardigan for another (thanks for the catch, Rae!), but this 12 of 12 post will start to go stale if I don’t write it up soon. Thankfully my lunch break has allowed for some blogging time. I slept horribly on Sunday night and have felt zonko ever since. I wonder if there are any nappable chairs around anywhere…zzz…zzz…

But first! The 12 of 12 for November. I did this last month for the first time and decided to give it another go. (Incidentally, if you click on that link, Chad Darnell also has a great deal of info on his blog about the Writers’ Guild of America’s current strike. I totally support the writers. Studios have lots of money already, thanks to being able to profit from scripted programming, and archaic writers’ contracts. The writers on the other hand, are not so much with the profiting at the moment. You strike, dudes, I can totally live without my stories as long as it takes for you to get the deal you deserve.)

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(1) 7:30am, just off my bicycle at the Hamilton bus terminal. I am not thrilled to be awake, but at least I am here. I had a deadline to pull things together for that morning and spent the whole night waking up every hour and a half. Boo-urns for bad Sunday night sleep. But at least I have my cute shoes. And my Jaywalkers, which I did not enjoy knitting but I am very much enjoying wearing. Curse those Jaywalkers, making me re-think them.

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(2) 7:37am, from inside the terminal. Apparently there is a new cafe/cafeteria opening up and there was a woman coming around giving out free samples of something, but by the time I bought my ticket she was gone.

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(3) 9:45am. Reviewing my course reader material at [Spoilery Campus Name], where I will be teaching a course starting in January. (All together now: eek! I will be responsible for teaching other people! Assembling course reader material and coming up with a general outline was an unexpected timesink over the last week.

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(4) 10:45am – at a discount store in town which I know carries yarn. I look long and hard at the Patons Classic Merino, even take some in my hands, but I eventually do not buy. I do, on the other hand, buy some DPNs on sale and some loaf-sized baking pans for continued baking exploits. (Hey, did you know that you can bake your own bread from scratch? What they won’t think of next…)

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(5) 11:00am – from the fitting room at a discount clothing store nearby. I try on 4 skirts, and marvel at the laughability of women’s sizing. Of the 4 skirts that were all marked as the same size, one was too tight, one was so big it was almost falling off of me, and the two that fit didn’t look very good. Le sigh. I may have to just throw myself on the mercy of the in-season sales racks.

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(6) 11:15am – tea and knitting break at Tim Horton’s. I note that they have switched to their “holiday” theme cups by now. I’ve cast on for the December Lights Tam from Interweave Knits Holiday 2007, in some Knit Picks Palette from my stash. I am quite sure the people from the next table over were looking at me as though I was a complete nutso, mild-manneredly pulling out my 7 colours of yarn at Tim’s.

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(7) 1:45pm. Back in Hamilton now, having leftover salad for lunch and checking my internets. I discover I have a 9:30am Tuesday meeting that I’d forgotten about. This means another 6am alarm for a second day in a row, whimper whimper.

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(8) 3:00pm – running errands. I scoot into the bank just before a line begins to form behind me at the ATM. I then make my way over to the My Dog Joe cafe in Westdale, which my sister and our friends have been raving about. It is just as cozy and awesome as everyone says and I quite possibly want to live there every afternoon. Martha turns out to be there too, so we sit and try to accomplish things.

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(9) 4:45pm – still at the cafe, still sweating my Chapter 4. My draft is so close and yet so far. If only there was a magic Thesis Wand to make it finish itself. I think by the time I get to the conclusion that chapter will read. “Please read the previous 5 chapters. The End.” I did have a delicious broccoli-cheddar muffin, though…

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(10) 5:30pm – at home again, doing various tasks and getting munchies and discovering that Beatrice the Cat has quite possibly spent the entire day sleeping on my crumpled up pyjamas.

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(11) 7:30pm – the scene of a bubblebath. My tired brain has short-circuited and won’t let me think or concentrate even on knitting, so I give in.

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(12) 9:30pm – already in bed with book and kitty. Oh yeah, baby, exciting times here at Knitting to Stay Sane! Film at 11! 😉

Catch ya fer the next 12, provided I am not, by then, running around in circles or muttering to myself or crying over my thesis draft (which will, God willing, be done before then.)

More knitting catch-up tomorrow!


  1. Dude, bergamot body wash? I am in need…

  2. Thanks for the “day in the live” viz photos! (Cool concept, probably will totally snag it for own blogging purposes.)

    You will have to disclose the location of secret downtown discount yarn place to me!!

  3. I love those shoes!
    Your tam will look much nicer than the original in those colours.

  4. I’m working on the Brennan Cardigan, too, but my progress has been halted due to gift knitting. When I was working on it faithfully, it was a fun and fast knit. I can’t wait to get back to it!

  5. *waves thesis encouraging pompoms*

    *seconds motion about thesis wand… they don’t by any chance have a thesis proposal wand do they…*

    I can so sympathize with the icky-ness of early mornings, boo!

    Go you, all teacher-y and all!!

    (that salad looks familiar…)

  6. Brilliant stuff!

    I’m really enjoying your ’12 of 12′ series (though I do sympathise with the various horrible bits, eg early mornings and theses). I might just nick the idea for my blog (with credits, of course). But it would have to be something like ‘6 of 6’, or even ‘3 of 3’, as my life is so boring…..

  7. Whew… what a day and I’m with McAmy and the bergamot body wash!
    Your tam is looking so pretty!

  8. whew! what a day!!!!

  9. Teaching is my favorite part of academia, personally. There’s actually no point in getting a doctorate in performance otherwise, actually.

    Hang in there with the thesis. After my defense this week, I have some revisions to do and I’m desperately unmotivated to do them, alas.

  10. I loved reading about your day! Those shoes are great.

  11. I keep seeing you post on the Yarn Harlot, so I popped over here to say Hi. My name is Glenna, too. I don’t often meet people with the same name as me, especially amongst fiber people! I’m not necessarily known as a crazy knitting lady, though (I think my latest nick name was the lady who walks around spinning all the time).

  12. Ah to have a life like Beatrice! Fun pix, thanks for sharing.

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