Baah. Baaaaaaahhhh.

I did enough work today so far that I am rewarding myself with blogging. And some Cheetos. Mmmm, fake cheesy orange Cheetos, mmm…

But anyway. Hey, so there’s this super cool easily customizable scarf/shawl pattern thingie. Maybe you’ve heard of it? One or two people have already knitted it. Well, okay. Maybe one or two thousand.

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I’d seen Clapotis out there in blog land for a while, but didn’t really feel drawn to it. Then suddenly something flicked on in my brain last winter when I was sitting in our chilly common room on campus and thinking, “gee, if only i had a neat little shawl/scarf thing to just cover up but look nice at the same time…” so into my mental queue it went. I always feel a little sheepish casting on for patterns that are just. so. popular, because I wonder if I’m just being, well, a dumb sheep. But then I remind myself that sometimes people do flock to things because they’re actually really awesome, aside from being really popular.


I bought this yarn (Patons SWS in Natural Plum) back in August and cast on in early October. When I got to the middle ‘straight’ section there was a while where I couldn’t look at it, it felt like it was going to go on forever. I stun myself to realize that this project was only with me for a little over a month. Pretty snappy, all things considered. And it really is a genius pattern, I see that now. You could customize for any length or width you want, any gauge or weight, whatever. In retrospect the SWS was possibly a less wise choice, since the dropped stitches were very snaggy (in this pic I had not yet dropped all of them, but I have now), but I do love the colour. And since it’s a little bulkier, I could get away with doing only 1 less repeat and still ending up with a nice shawl-sized Clapotis. I think it’ll live on my desk chair for a little bit.

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It is also kitty-cat-approved. But my next project is very much not kitty-cat safe, since it is currently attached to no less than 4 balls of wool:


This is my interpretation of the December Lights Tam. I’m still a little “hmmmmm” on the colour combination, but I think it’ll work. I am heartened that the pattern is still clearly visible and that the yarns do clearly belong to only 2 colourways. And it’ll be a nice preparatory knit while I wait to get the chance to cast on for a full fair isle sweater. (Soon. Soon, my precious).

Happy Wednesday! Pushing Daisies, anyone?


  1. Oh no – I love your colour combination. That teal is soo yummy. You could always do a Kaffe Fassett (if in doubt, add another 20 colours)!!

  2. Your December Lights tam is Gorgeous!!! I love the colours you chose, the brights really set off the mid muted earth tones (which I absolutely ADORE) so very well, I LOVE it!
    Awww, Beatrice looks so happy and comfortable on your beautiful Clapotis :^)

  3. Napping Kitty! *cuddle*

  4. Hiya Glenna!

    I love the tam – I think it’s a nicer colour combination than the original pattern. Looks like a fun knit.

    I have yet to jump on the Clapotis bandwagon, but I totally understand the draw. It’s definitely in “your” colours ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ha! Pushing Daisies is great. I was thinking of the pie maker when I made my apple pie on the weekend.

  6. Abbieprime · ·

    Oh oh that came out beautifully! (Isn’t dropping with SWS so much fun? I’m still finding fuzzballs from the one I did…a year ago.) I’ve been wearing mine nonstop since the temperature dropped.

    And I love your color choices on the tam. =)

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good job on the Clap, it looks beautiful!

    The tam looks fabulous!

    mmmm… fake cheese….

  8. Gorgeous clapotis. I’m one of the few knitters not to knit one, but I think I might at some point.
    Still liking the colours on the tam!

  9. Nice Clapotis! Now perhaps I am the only knitter on earth to not have knit one. (But I have been thinking hoe much I need a new wrap…)

    I like the tam! Good colour choices — can’t wait to see it all knit up!

  10. Very nice!! I still have not made a Clap yet…tried, but just couldn’t get through it…..the tam is beautiful!

  11. Beautiful! The SWS may be a bit snaggy getting the dropped stitches down, but it is so warm, so very warm. So warm that I put it on the bed to cover my face when the heat was out in January.

    And I’ve knit this 3 times in 3 different kinds of wool and everytime I have trouble making the stitch drop down.

  12. kat person! · ·

    so when are you casting on for beatrice’s own hand-knitted item??? whatever will she do without these projects?

  13. I knit the Clapotis about 18 months ago and love it!

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