Last gasps

At the beginning of this week I told myself (and other people, out loud) that it was possible for me to finish my draft this week – or at least by the beginning of next week. Then my morale and work ethic took a hit round mid-week and yesterday I declared Personal Snow Day. I sat. I knitted. I swatched. I watched DVDs (hello, Buffy Season 3, it’s been a while). I drank tea and ate various baked goods squirreled away in the kitchen. It was awesome, except for the fact that I still have to get back to work today. Sadly in the interim, my last results chapter has not actually magically finished itself.

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But I did learn some things yesterday. For example, I learned that Miss Beatrice the Cat’s real fascination is not with yarn. It is with Addi Turbos. Sometimes she tries to bite them if one is dangling in my lap. Yesterday, in her quest to annoy me enough to feed her dinner half an hour early, she discovered my discarded Addi with a single cast-on row and proceeded to bat it about, bite it, and then carry it off in gradual steps towards some unknown destination. I can hardly blame her; Addis are indeed sleek and seductive nickel-plated mistresses. (I admired the cuteness of this for a few minutes, then tucked it all away out of sight.)

Michelle requested pics of her with the bee. I think the charm has faded a little bit, but the dangly-ness and the catnip smell are still in the bee’s favour.

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Aaaaannnnd….that’s all I got for now. If you were me, how would you whip my ass into writing the rest of my draft?

Catch ya next time…


  1. Reading about your thesis-writing takes me back to my own years of studying… depressing! What I used to do to make myself write was to set a timescale on things: like by tomorrow midday, I would have written x amount and by tomorrow night, y amount. I always set achievable goals, so that I didn’t actually get discouraged. I’m sure you’ve tried this and many, many other tactics…. hope you get there soon!

    Puss is gorgeous and so cute with her Bee!

  2. Oh, writing motivation is always hard to drum up! Try the ‘small bites’ approach, perhaps — “If I write 500 words, I can go have a cup of tea”, “If I finish editing five pages I can knit until the heel”, etc. Disconnecting the internets may be in order is the situation gets desperate!

    Best of luck to you. Remember, if you don’t write it now, you just have to do it later, and that could mean less good knitting time in the future!

  3. umm.. I’ll kick your ass if you kick mine… this paper I’m supposed to give next Friday… it is um… a couple of rough pages of prelude… yeah…

  4. You’ll get there – tea and cupcakes at the ready for the last big push

  5. Clarabelles suggestion is how I would do it. Also if you think that once you get stuck into it and get as much done as you can, it will be easier. It is often the thought of things to do that make me put stuff off! (Remind me of this when I start my degree next year!!!!)
    The snow day soubded so good, very important to have one a week I think!

  6. I’m in the same boat, though I’m stuck on revisions and I just CAN’T get motivated or inspired to write more on a topic I’m thoroughly sick of. I do the small goals thing, writing for 30 minutes or an hour before moving onto another topic or allowing myself to get distracted (with blog-reading, for example…ahem). That, and working on one particular section per day so I can actually focus, rather than staring at the whole thing and getting overwhelmed. Sometimes I just sit down and start typing, even if I know it’s total kee-rap, just to get the fingers and brain moving. Also, don’t berate yourself on what you haven’t done; rather, focus on what you ARE doing. It’s hard, I know.

  7. GOOD LUCK! 😀 You’ll get it down, really. Just make sure you take some tea breaks. Those are always so nice. In fact I’m currently on tea break from studying biology with strawberry green tea and Japanese rice crackers. hehe.

    Ms. Beatrice is adorable as always.

  8. Good luck getting back on track. Snow days are always fun though.

  9. knittingmixtapes · ·

    Aaaugh, I’m doing this too (right this minute as it happens…except for the part of the minute that I used to read your entry…and comment…you get the idea). For me, it’s a combination of a) Not wanting to have it hanging over my head any longer, b) Not actually *allowed* to enrol in another semester to get it done, and c) A yarn-spree when I’m done. Not an expensive one, but enough to get me motivated. Every time I whinge in my head, I tell myself sternly, “You’ve got everything you need to do it. Now GET IT DONE and we won’t have to have this fight anymore!!!!”

    I am very sick of having this fight. So I’d better get back to it!!

    Good luck! And good luck to everyone else in the comments dealing with the same nightmare! This, too, shall pass.

  10. Yay for calling a Snow Day, loves me those ‘snow days’ so important for the soul!
    But… it’s Saturday now, back to the grind?
    Since the weather has cooled Smooch has taken to sitting with me while I knit, she doesn’t go after the yarn so much (she’s been told ‘no’ and actually behaves quite well about it) but oh my, the fascination with the needles! She has a hard time resisting.

    Hang in there, it’s just a matter of time, it will get done.

  11. I wish I knew! If so, my head would be full of Nietzsche-knowledge instead of reading blogs. One things that I’ve found helps – this only works if you’re a morning person – is writing as soon as you wake up. You get to sleep on your ideas, a la Encyclopedia Brown, and you get cracking straight away before you get distracted. I can literally roll from my bed to my desk chair, so that helps. THEN you get to go do other, fun stuff. Putting it off causes way more pain than actually writing.

  12. Yay, Bea and Bee! Cute.

    On cue my own kitty has jumped on my lap. Oh I am so glad he has not discovered circs.

    Writing-wise, I am rooting for you! I thought I was going to die writing my bachelor’s thesis, I can’t imagine a dissertation. I’m so glad I’m not going to do sociology anymore; I love writing a poem that’s less than 100 words and being able to say, “That’s all I wanted to write about that, really!” (Speaking of which, I need to submit my portfolio to grad schools within the next two months…) Well no wonder I am so obsessed with one-skein projects, I’m a quick-and-dirty poet. Wow, my two obsessions just aligned in an epiphany moment.

    Anywho, good luck writing, you can do it!

  13. it must be that they are nice and shiny! perfect cat toy!!

  14. Our cat loves my needles also. The sock dpn she snatches and pushes them underneath the rug to play fishing out the needle afterwards. The Addi turbos she loves because they flip around a lot due to the plastic cord.
    Plus she loves bright colored pin heads. We almost had cat stew last week because the cat was “playing” with the pin heads of the pins I used to block the last Feather and Fan. Of course she pulled a few stitches *arrgghh* that I had to mend afterwards!

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