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I take back every bad thing I ever thought about swatches. Swatches are awesome. You know when swatches are particularly awesome? When by your own rules you are not allowed to actually start the project yet but you need to do something to take the edge off because you’re so tired of using the project as bait for Real Life things but making a swatch is not against the rules.

So, I swatched for Venezia (scroll down). I love these little swatches so much. They are so pretty I might frame them afterwards. I keep going and looking at them and petting them and thinking about the colours. I did 2 combinations, providing me with the added bonus of checking gauge on 2 different needle sizes at the same time (check check for the 3.0mms and 27sts/4ins. I rock.). Both are with Knit Picks Palette. Because it was just so very priced-to-own and so of course I did the thing where I ordered too much and now have a Palette arsenal get to try out a couple of different options.


This is #1, and comes very close to the actual colour combination in the original pattern. That 2nd shade of blue is bothering me just a little, though, so I might switch that out and rearrange it with a different shade, were I to go ahead with this selection.


But on the other hand, there is this combination #2. The pale foreground shades are all the same, but the background shades are instead a mix of reds and purples. It is far, far more “earthy” than I usually go for – just check my closets, ain’t no rusty shades in sight – but I can’t help but be enticed. There’s enough red and purple to stand out that I am starting to get convinced.

I’ll just let these babies dazzle me for a little longer.

Have a great Sunday! I think mine is going to include carrot cake.


  1. I love the “earthy” swatch. Its gorgeous!

  2. barefootrooster · ·

    These are beautiful. I pick the “earthy” swatch too. Happy carrot cake!

  3. Definitely little works of art.

  4. Your earthy swatch reminds me of the Autumn Rose colours. The blue you don’t like has too much pink in it – the other ones are more red/brown toned (if that makes any sense)

  5. Ooh, I love that second option! But then, I’m the earthy sort…

  6. Ooh definitely the second one. Hey maybe you could sew them together and make a tiny purse!

  7. they are both quite beautiful and impressive. However, I really like swatch number 2.

  8. Great swatches! I think you should make one of each!

  9. I like the second swatch, very nice indeed!!! Carrot cake sounds good, maybe I’ll have some too:-)

  10. looks like swatch #2 is winning. and i have to agree. the color in #2 just seems to have a better contrast and everything really pops!

  11. Well, you know I like that second swatch… just love that earth red and the purple… it seems to be soothing to the eye… yeah, that’s it, ‘easy on the eye’… heh. Seriously, they’re both gorgeous but the second swatch… the colours somehow maintain their integrity better…

  12. I like the reds/earth tones, too. I have been eyeing this sweater for a while, so I’ll be watching to see your progress!

  13. OMG, I am in total love of swatch #2 and it’s colours! I know you can change up form the pattern-recommended ones (like, um, you did in your tam recently), but now you’ll have me eying every Fair Isle I can find! You may even bring me to the swatch side…

  14. Go earthy- you know you want to!!! And I hear you about the half-joke about framing some swatches- I’ve seriously considered doing up some swatches specifically for framing, as a way of incorporating knitting into my decor in a more creative and decisive way (other than just having random WIPs all over the place, which is kind of how it is now….)

  15. they’re both beautiful, but given my recent experience with color, my advice is going to be contrary to most everyone else’s. this is a labor of love. make it in a palette you’re sure to wear — a lot.

    but, if you really want to go with the red/purple swatch, i’d suggest going to the store and finding something in similar colors to see if you’ll really like the colors on you. i just recently did that with purple and was happily surprised (and yay, i have a new color i can wear!)

  16. Beautiful swatches! I like both colour combinations. Don’t you find you have to keep looking at them, or is that just me when I swatch!!!?

  17. Oo, pretty!

    This reminds me to ask–do you know of any easy fair isle type patterns I could try my hand at? I’m getting brave, now that I’m doing the wavy scarf from knitty.com. Ha!

  18. The second one is AWESOME!!

  19. i love the earth tones. that dash of purple is perfect!

  20. Another vote for the rusty red here.

    But I also agree with the suggestion that you steer clear of those colours if you don’t normally wear them. You don’t want to spend all that time on a colour you won’t wear or won’t go with anything in your wardrobe.

    On the other hand it could be a great excuse to buy more clothes!

  21. Oh my! These made me gasp as I was drinking my coffee and I kind of choked (loudly) and one of my coworkers came to see if I was ok and I nodded and pointed to the screen and she said, “Oh nice!” and left me there. This is going to be so great!

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