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(Winter has arrived.)

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(Everyone knows radiators are for sitting on.)

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(The beginnings of an SWS hat.)

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(Crunchy Cabbage Salad)

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(Carrot & Potato Soup)

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(Hello Dolly bars. Next time: need higher nut/coconut to butterscotch ratio.)

And one more thing…

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It’s 98% done, but the last 2% won’t get done until after my supervisor returns from a trip, so I am giving myself a couple of days permission to not think about the Thesis and return to it with (hopefully) fresh thoughts. I’m at a point where I need to do big “what does it all mean” statements and by Friday last week my brain was resisting. At this point, the draft is done enough that I’m giving myself permission to start Venezia…just as soon as I can get the last swatch or two done for confirmation. Of course, now, the knitting ennui strikes again 😉 Maybe after the weekend is done I’ll get it back.


  1. Oh, oh! We got snow, too! Nasty heavy wet snow that caused my husband to hurt his hamstring shoveling it (I couldn’t help him because I’m too pregnant, though I considered it when I thought it might send me into labor…), but snow all the same. That food looks delicious. And congrats on the thesis. Believe me, I KNOW that last 2% can feel like an eternity. (Ahem.) The worst of it is behind you now. Don’t worry about knitting ennui. Just do what you want! :0)

  2. Venezia ohhhhh. 😮

    Well if you feel like slogging it over you are welcome to come over here for a break today. I can put on holiday cheer for happy hour and you can help me decorate. And view the finished Anisette!

  3. ohh snow! I’m a bit jealous, because both the area where my parents live and the area I go to school in never see snow.

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting so far on your thesis! You’re so close to finishing it 😀

  4. almost done? yay!!!!

    we got some snow here too – about 2″ but then freezing rain – ick!

  5. 98%! Awesome! Enjoy all the beautiful snow. Ours melted right away, which was a disappointment.

  6. WHOO HOO!!!! 98%!!!!

    I’ve been there. It does actually end. ;D

  7. Hello Dolly bars look good. Will you share the recipe?

  8. Hooray for a nearly-done thesis!!

  9. Sooooo Close! I’m so excited for you!
    That hat sure is pretty! and the salad and soup and bars?
    ahhhhh, must go eat!
    (enjoy your ‘days’!)

  10. ps That snow is so pretty!…. wish it’d snow here!

  11. Blimey, snow!
    Just typical grey slightly rainy rubbish here in south-east England.
    Hurrah for your thesis being almost done.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing your venezia take shape.

  12. Excellent thesis news!

    You always have some wonderful food pictures.

  13. Oh, pretty snow. We got some too, but it turned to nasty cold slush too soon. And I’m so cold in my house that I would sit on the radiators if I could 🙂

  14. marykay71 · ·

    I can almost feel the pressure releasing from you regarding your thesis – that is great. The food looks wonderful and we received some snow in Philly too! Check it out scarcelylogical.blogspot.com

  15. That is a formidable binder! Congrats on being so close to the end. 😉 You deserve a break, enjoy the return to knitting. Also, beautiful pictures! We actually got some snow here, too. None of it stuck, though… stupid rainy Northwest.

  16. Snow and wind made for a lovely wait on the GO platform this morning…

    Is the first real snow in several years enough of an excuse not to go downtown?

    Go you! Enjoy your time off, you deserve it (unlike some of us….)

    How many skeins does the hat require? I have a couple random single skeins (I bought a couple in order to get feed back on a colour for my cousin’s fetching and I’m not entirely sure what to do with them…)

  17. Nearly done!!! That’s fanstic. You deserve that break. And one day, when I grow up, I want to cook fabulous meals for myself, just like you. Instead of eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and have copious cups of tea.

  18. wiscjennyann · ·

    Go team thesis! Go team soup! Go team snow!!!!!

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