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I’m still totally on the love train for Venezia, but believe me when I say I have twice had to hold myself back from casting on for the Ivy League Vest, just to take the edge off my impatience. After two swatches I had lots of love for all the colours, was extolling the virtures to myself of being able to mix and match different shades according to one’s preference…and then I knitted 2 more swatches and now my brain is all OMG just pick a danged colour combination already.

In the last chapter of this Venezia journey, I did 2 swatches, a blue/green and a red/purple, and disliked 1 shade of the blue/green one so I decided to try a different combo to make sure I was sure whether or not I liked it. Along the way I decided to also pluck out the bright yellow shade in the centre of the motif just to see what that would look like. The only colour I wear less often than brown is yellow, and I was concerned it was getting in the way of me fully committing to either set of options.

Version #1, take 2:


I think the blue/green combination is much better here, and I am actually pretty sold on the removal of the yellow, too. With the new shade of dark green, I think the more balanced combo of the foreground shades is rather soothing. On the other hand, I’m not sure if yellow was actually harming anything in the 2nd one.

Version #2, take 2:


Here I think the centre pale purple shade washes out the light tan (which is indeed different from the two foreground shades before and after – but it is totally lost here), and eliminates that nice sort of glowy vibe I was getting off of the previous red/purple combination. Well y’all, I dunno. I might be back where I started, contemplating the nice rusty red/purple variation I swatched in the first round.

Wanna see them all together?



Oh yeah, and I also switched in an actual ‘white’, in the process of bumping everything in the foreground forward to eliminate the yellow. Somewhere in here, I am convinced, is a lesson on colour theory and the value of…something. This is valuable stuff, don’tcha know, G? Revel in the virtues of shades, be not afraid that thou hast not yet begun thy sweater.

The next time I talk about this sweater, I swear by my stash it will be to report on a hem, or a sleeve cuff in progress, or something that constitutes actual knitting. Gotta be with the moving forward. But in the meanwhile, it’s winter now, and I pulled out my pair of convertible mitts to discover one had been chewed by mice (I am convinced of this, the work was so precise. They went right for my right mitt and left my 8 foot Harry Potter scarf untouched. Surely moths would not be so discriminating). So, I’m making another one, with a skein of yon Briggs & Little Regal that’s waiting patiently to become a Brennan Cardigan one day:


I love the heathery-ness so much I could just plotz. It soothes me.


  1. Venezia – decisions, decisions! Personally, I prefer the first one, as I like the purpley-blue shade and think it would suit you best; and I also think the pattern stands out best with that one, especially the central grey/yellow panel (oops, you don’t like yellow, I mean gold….).

    The mitts look lovely and I must investigate the yarn as I haven’t come across it before, but then that’s not surprising seeing as I live in the yarn-starved UK.

  2. Oooh, so many choices.

    I think the first of your group, with the bright gold, is the my choice. When it’s in a big sweater with multiple repeats, the colours will appear to blend more. You’re probably looking at it too closely now to picture the overall effect.

    I agree that the Ivy League vest is appealing. I’m considering it for my post-defense celebratory project.

  3. oooh – I love the first swatch posted today – my favorite so far! it’s an ambitious project – you should be in love with the colors before you start. I say swatch to your hearts content!

  4. I love that heathery goodness, MMMMM!

    Swatches… I like the first swatches and out of those I’m still leaning towards the earthy red one… the second batch, the center colours… make me feel like I have a blind spot in my vision or something… although it could just be ‘my’ view on my monitor, eh?
    If you don’t care for the gold in the blue/purple initial swatch, how’s about an orange? one of those kind of muted/rusty oranges? Because I do know how you love the purple/blue palette… and it does suit you :^)

  5. My heart still belongs to that first red/purple swatch. I hear you on the “I don’t wear yellow”, but I really think it adds something good the the overall effect. Whatever you go with in the end, I know it’s going to rock!

  6. I like the original blue (the top one of the four, here) best of all, but then, blue is always best in my book. Second choice is the original brown (third one down, here).

    But you should frame the swatches like a sort of patchwork quilt!

  7. I like the first swatch too.

    I took some painting classes, and got a few lessons on color theory. Blues are cool colors and reds and oranges are warm colors. Mixing a little of one in a lot of another brings greater depth to the main color. Blue’s complement is orange, and the yellow you picked in the first is a nice warm yellow with a touch of orange in it. Purple’s complement is yellow. Your yellow is bringing out parts of the blues and purples that the entirely cool palette swatches cannot show.

    Of course, all the swatches are beautiful and you almost inspire me to try my hand at fair aisle myself!

    Good luck!

  8. I am totally digging the last swatch, I don’t think that the lilac washes out the tan too much…

    Stupid mice! Why can’t they go gnaw some acrylic?!

  9. It’s amazing to me how one color change can alter the overall impression of fair isle. I’ve been tempted by the Ivy League vest too. *sigh*

  10. the rachface · ·

    I am hearting your projects. Such inspiration! Hope you are staying warm.

  11. They’re all so pretty pretty! I really hope you turn those swatches into something; maybe should seam them together as a 2×2 square, then find coordinating fabric to make a purse and sew the fair isle block to the front?

    But if you’re taking votes, my favorite is the first 😉 I, too, think the darker yellow adds depth to the overall mix.

  12. Oh I’m so horrible at color combos that I always use the color combos called for or I don’t do it. I wish I had your ability to have more than one combo to choose from. (Personally, I like the second swatch in the four little pictures)

  13. Of the 4 swatches I still like number 3 – the red with ‘gold’. I’m not normally a yellow person either (who wants to look like a giant custard!) but in a small amount like that it really lifts the reds.

    Bear in mind though that I love red 🙂

  14. […] this is when you break out the ‘speed swatch’ approach. I did a whole mess of these back when I was deciding on a colour-scheme for my Venezia pullover, though at the time I didn’t know that’s what they were called and just sort of thought […]

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