I am dead from all the cute

The internet is dragging slower than molasses, and we were supposed to get 10cm of lovely fluffy snow last night and all we got was freezing rain, and I have work and crap that needs doing, but that is all FINE, because these little creatures are now peeking down at me from their current residence on the window ledge:


I want to make more. Seriously, these are not little one-shot projects. This is a pattern that cries out to be made by the dozen. A veritable Korknisse army, that is what I want. Unfortunately, after scouring the kitchen I have come up with only 8 stashed corks. 8 Korknisse are clearly not enough. Anyone who knows me and drinks wine…your corks are not safe. I must have them.

(Also, blog reader Cricket reports that her 8-year old has been enjoying making this pattern, and it is completely beginner-friendly. Just think of that, all of you with young’uns at home – you could be creating new knitters and getting them to churn out holiday ornaments at the same time. That’s good knit-savvy right there.)

Also, here’s an Ivy League progress shot. Lookin’ good, no? I’m just about ready to start the v-neck steek. Fun times ahead, baby.


And now I should get on with my day, including conservation of further photo-documentation, as I am meant to be 12-of-12-ing it again. (Although in December I suppose that makes it 12-of-12-of-12!)

May your knitting be close by today.


  1. oh my gosh! i can’t believe how much you have knit!!!!

  2. the rachface · ·

    Holy crap lookit that sweater grow. Steek it! Yay! I’ve not fair isled yet, so I shall live vicariously through you. I agree a new legion of mini knitters could be born by churning out that HIGHLY addictive pattern. Go Kork power!

  3. Wow, Ivy League is mean! Your fair isle technique looks sooper dooper – I wish I had the patience! More than one ball of yarn at a time makes me hyperventilate.

    I hope you’re going to take part in my bonkers Xmas quiz, btw? The Korknisses can have a go as well!

  4. oh my god, I know ALL ABOUT the korknisse love 😉

  5. I have a glassful of corks, some of them are plastic ones, but they are DYING to feed your Korknisse army. Come collect on wknd.

  6. Those are pretty fabulous! And your ILV is lovely!
    *is all jealous and whatnot*

  7. marykay71 · ·

    your ivy league vest is gorgeous!

  8. Those korknisse are CUTE! I’m totally making some for my Mom.

    THe vest is gorgeous!!

  9. OHH! I’ve got a bucket of recruits for your army. I will SEND them to you if you like. It would be a service to me…they weigh on my soul, as they shouldn’t go to the landfill, they ARE ripe with craft possibilities, and I’ll never do anything with them except “hoard.” Save me from myself!! Postage in on me!! Happy Holidays! Melissa

  10. Ivy league is looking great! Love that pattern. Good luck with the holiday knits, etc.

  11. wiscjennyann · ·

    Your Ivy is beautiful! I soooo need to get better at fair isle– you’re inspiring!

  12. How cute! And what a great excuse to drink more wine!

  13. Those Korknisses are almost too cute to be allowed! I’m going to make some too.

    I can’t believe how fast your ivy league is growing. Good luck with the steeking.

  14. […] (the camera phone) operatives were able to capture conclusive evidence of the spread of the Korknisse invasion. Tiny, adaptable to any situation and size of cork, the festive creatures may emerge within […]

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