I was halfway to my huge long 12-of-12 post and then hit a wrong key by mistake and it all DISAPPEARED. Wah. ::sniffsniff:: I’ll have to try again later when I’ve got more time, but here’s one shot for preview. The current Korknisse brigade, now with 5 members.

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  1. ugh – I so hate when that happens! sometimes my fingers go faster than they should!!!

    the Kornisse are adorbale! a little army!

  2. I love the army, They are cute!

  3. Arrgh, that’s so annoying! You must get the Korknisses to punish the keyboard for you… they look a tough bunch.

  4. I love how “The Man from the USSR” is the title of the book behind the little korkn army 🙂

  5. SO cute!!! I need to start a cork collection, to make a little army of those…..

  6. Eeeee he he he! These things are so absurdly cute! Not sure why I’m having a laughing fit, but it’s definitely your fault!

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