Just a few flakes

Southern Ontario is getting hit big time – and from what I hear the northeastern United States got it big before it got to us. I think Hamilton’s been doused with more than 20cm so far and the snow isn’t stopping until late tonight according to reports. It’s a good thing I pushed myself to finish these, because they’re now the only complete pair of mitts I own! (I lost a glove on the bus on Thursday, boo)


It’s been a weekend of cancelled plans. Plans to get to a party on Saturday night were nixed, and my poor sister has had to forgo the holiday open house at her place this afternoon. The roads just aren’t drivable. Thankfully the one form of transportation left – walking – is enough to get me over to her place, so she and I will sit and knit and have a party for two instead of ten, and I’ll get to put in some quality knitting time with Ivy League and maybe a few more Korknisse. But dude. What else would you do on a day like this?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, there is ONE other good thing to do on a weekend like this.

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But it needs a few knitted ornaments. Must get on that 😉
May you have a warm and knitterly Sunday, wherever you are.


  1. Yes, some knitting (to avoid work)! Beautiful b&w photos!

    Cheerio, Melissa

  2. Toronto is completely buried, too. I don’t think anyone’s been doing much of anything all weekend- because it’s just too difficult to get anywhere! Hope you are keeping nice and warm with Beatrice!

  3. The tree looks lovely, my son has just decorated ours too … a mass of tinsel! That is big snow, we don’t get much here these days.

  4. It is pretty wild out there, but indeed nice knitting weather.

    Too bad about having to cancel the party 😦 We’re running out of days!

    Keep warm!

  5. Anonymous · ·

    this is totally off topic. is that a red jade ring you’re wearing? If so, I think I have the same one.

  6. oops, forgot to fill in the who i am boxes. i’m the red jade ring dullard.

  7. We got 10 inches Thursday and another 6 overnight. *sigh* I’m ready for summer.

  8. looks about the same from our house this weekend! we got yet another storm! glad you stayed safe inside and toasty!

  9. I went to visit my dad yesterday and holy crap did downtown get a light dusting in comparision! Sometimes it’s great to live downtown! And i like the color of your mittens.. what did you use? Dream in Color?

  10. I hope you had a lovely evening with your sis! I know that heavy snowfall does not ease the progress of socialising, but it certainly looks beautiful at Christmas! We can only hope for a white Chrimbo here in the UK….

    I love your mitts – the colour is divine.

  11. Can I move in with you? Your pictures always look so cozy – perfect for knitting!

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