Snuggling inside the lines

Phew. Saturday is finally here, and my life force is still intact.

Beatrice approves greatly of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Apparently the pale blue block is best for snuggly observation of humans.


And also playing and general cuteness.


Sleeping is not colour-specific, but it helps to have toys close by.


So in “finally it’s Saturday and I made it through the week” news, I not only made it through my first week as an instructor (1 down! only 11 to go!) I made it through my oral dissertation defense yesterday. It is unfortunately #1 of 2, not the final one (sometime this spring), but I got it done and although I have revisions to work on in the next few weeks, it is nothing on the level of a complete rewrite or scrapping whole chapters, so all in all it was fairly reasonable.

Needless to say, after that I went for lunch with my supervisor and that was lovely (including some wine, yesiree), and she gifted me with a copy of The Knitting Circle. Then, I carried on to The Purple Purl, where I haven’t been since they opened at the end of October! I hung out with Jennifer and Miko there for a bit (I may have gotten some sock yarn as a treat, heck, on that day of all days i figured stash be damned), as well as MJ (who, dudes, is crocheting her own wedding dress), and also Jen whose adorable wee one Fenner decided I was an appropriate enough human to sit with for a short while and sucked happily on my fingers. Then I went with the Purple Purl ladies to ‘Drunken Knitting’ (for the first time) but couldn’t stay much longer than a pint and a burger as by 9pm I was hitting the wall and needed to get home and conk out.

Beatrice has spent last night and this morning being clingy and reinforming me of the proper cat priorities after I sorrily neglected her most of this week in favour of the Real World. My plans for today involve a lot of knitting, eating, drinking, and sitting on my bum. In fact, let me get right back to that now…


  1. wiscjennyann · ·

    Congrats on the defense! Wow, what a huge hurdle to get over. You are well deserving on some knitting-eating-bum-sitting time!

  2. Congrats! Another step closer to being done. Enjoy the relaxing Saturday!!

  3. Yey – big sigh now that week is over. Hope you had a lovely relaxing day.

  4. yay for you! The “defense where they tell you to revise” can be a letdown, I know, but you’re on the home stretch now. You’re probably sick of hearing that, but I’m saying it anyway. Enjoy a good brew. It IS Saturday, after all 🙂

  5. Real world? If you ask Beatrice SHE is the real world. The rest is just a figment of your imagination.

    YAY on getting through the week. Enjoy the weekend. You deserve it.

  6. The Knitting Circle, eh? See if you can spot the inconsistencies in Harriet’s story, starting on page 160.

  7. Congrats on the defense AND your first week! I’d say that more than deserves a full day of whatever you want to do, or not do :^)
    Beatrice is such a lovely cat!

  8. Congrats on being that much closer to the finish line!! You’ll do great in the spring, I know it. And hey, aren’t you glad that Beatrice is so approving of your knits? Some cats would have chewed on it or something by now. She’s such a cutey pie.

  9. Gorgeous cat! Well done on your work and good luck with the revision.

  10. YAY!!

  11. Congratulations, Glenna, both on finishing your first week of teaching and the first half of your defense!

  12. Yo – you survivor, you! I used to have weeks like that, work- and academic-wise – ones that I dreaded, but luckily no more. And you jolly well deserve your sock yarn!

    Hope you’re enjoying a leisurely weekend!

  13. Congrats on getting through your first class and first oral defense in one piece! 🙂 Only seems fair to take the rest of the weekend off in order to pamper yourself (and Beatrice, of course).

    I really, really want to go to the Purple Purl. Dude, if I do go to Canada later this year, I’m SO gonna go. 😛

    (I also bought sock yarn this weekend. It was discounted(!). I felt quite happy. 😛 … okay, so I also bought some angora which might have contributed to the happiness. It was also discounted. I was weak!)

  14. Mazel Tov! You made it on all accounts! Have a cosmo or 10 and relax! I can’t think of a better reward than sock yarn! Knit away!

  15. Congratulations! What a week! I hope your final defense goes just as well.

  16. YEAH!! *happy dances of scholarly congrats*

    I just made it to the PP for the first time last week, it is really lovely!

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